May 03, 2008

Welcome to the NEW Blog

Welcome to the "New" blog! We thought it would be a good idea to hook up blogger, since we can easily send updates from our SSB (from the middle of the ocean) and we can post pics and videos (not from the middle of the ocean)!

We have been busy since our last update. Hard to believe that was 43 days ago. As much as that seems like yesterday, time seems to be passing slowly. Alex and I are now certified First aiders, Standard Level A. We took our two day course and did great. We learned a ton and Alex really impressed me with his ability to keep up with all the adults. We receive our certificates and cards in the mail last week, very exciting.

We received our dinghy in the mail too and of course the first thing we had to do was set it our LIVINGROOM! To funny. It is realy cool.

Graham has been working like crazy to set up our SSB. He wanted to put it all together and get it working here, so we would have one less thing to learn when we get to Trinidad. It was tricky. Graham rigged up an antenna in the tree out back and hooked up all the bits and pieces and after many hours and trials and tribulations, SUCCESS! He was not only able to speak to someone in North Carolina, he was also able to send and receive text email and upload weather faxes! It couldn't be any better.

To put it in plain language, as to why this is so great....we will be in the middle of the ocean with no internet..and we will want to receive news from home and also send email to let you all know how things are.....we will be able to use the SSB radio to do this! Very cool.

Our first aid kit is coming together. Our friend/offshore sailing instructor "Wanita" has helped us pull together some items, that would not have been accessible to us. We have inventoried all the pieces and we have also given a list of common aliments to our travel doctor and he is writing prescriptions for us. Once we have our whole list we will post it on the site. We will also try over the course of our trip, to note the items we actually use. This might be helpful for all of you, who are in the planning stages of a trip like this.

We are in discussion with our contact in Antigua "Iain", to get our boat moved to Trinidad. The planned departure date is currently May 12th. We are still working out the details/costs. If worst comes to worst, we will leave the boat in Antigua and start there. The only downside is that we would be chancing hurricane season again and hoping a big one doesn't hit. The other downside would be that things seem to cost more in Antigua. There are loads of pluses though for starting there, so how ever this plays out we will be happy.

These next 57 days, I am sure will seem to take forever but on the other hand, as I look at our list...I am already exhausted. On a side note, some of the things I have been worrying about lately:

  • getting along on the boat
  • keeping everyone busy and happy
  • kids doing things beyond my comfort level (ex. scuba diving, driving dinghy on their own)
  • sea sickness...what if we do get sick? so far so good but who knows what is going happen
  • how are we going to handle the HOT!!! I hate being sticky hot
  • what if it isn't what I am expecting
  • what if I miss home so bad it hurts

There ya have have all been asking..."aren't you worried" .....SURPRISE....I am.....but ....and here is the big BUT that I live my life by....."Life is for Living".....

and the other fail safe behind that motto......"If it doesn't feel good, don't do it!!!!"


  1. Great blog Julie! The picture of you guys in the dinghy is fantastic. Congrats to you and Alex on passing your First Aid.

  2. can't wait to see you all next month!

  3. I first learned of your upcoming 'adventure' on the Canadian Homeschooler's Board (CHB) Wow! I've read over your blog --- alll that you've done so far. I think is an amazing thing you are doing and am looking forward to reading your updates as you post them!

    Linda (CHB)

  4. I hope you have a good trip.