May 26, 2008

Seeing our boat - Alex (Saturday, May 24th)

I am writing to tell you about the first time we saw our boat, our emotions and what we did. So I am starting off by telling you about the long line of immigration to a new country. It was heck. A long line with over a hundred people! We had to get our registration filled out, so while Dad was doing that we got our bags. Finally, we got out of the airport and onto a taxi van. We took up all of it with our 8 bags. A 20 minute drive felt like an hour with the mountains and humidity. We finally made our way to Jolly Harbour. It was an amazing feeling knowing that our boat was so close. We were surprised by the VILLA, it was HUGE. Two stories and guess what...cable TV. We relaxed for a bit. From there we went to our boat. There was a bit of confusion, so I will do my best to explain it. Here we go. We thought we saw our boat on the hard, so we drove over to, to find out that our boat was IN the water. Finally we got to our boat. It was a bit of a shock, cause it was really disorganized and dirty but we knew we could handle it. We worked a bit on the boat and then went for dinner and then back to the villa to bed. So there is my story for today and hope you are wanting more. Miss you guys.  Sincerely Alex Perry


  1. Hey - I will bet that swimming in the ocean today made all the hard work worthwhile. We are really looking forward to seeing you guys so get the boat in order and get sailing and smiling!!
    Lots of Love
    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl

  2. Alex
    I love your blogs, keep it up! Someday you will write a book I am sure. So you are "living the dream", sound great. White beaches and blue water and sun shine. It has been cold here. Can't wait to see you this summer but I miss not being able to phone you.
    Love you lots, Nanny Donna

  3. I love reading your blog Alex. We have a huge map on our wall so we can see exactly where you are :)

    Looking forward to the cabin this summer:)