May 24, 2008

Warm Fuzzies - Julie (Thursday, May 22, 2008)

The universe is taking good care of us. We just had one of the best days ever. When Graham and I began our stay here in Toronto and we began purchasing the furnishings for our apartment, we always kept in mind the fact that we would be leaving in 3 years and at that time connecting with a family that was in need of some furniture. It is so gratifying to plan for something, imagine something, speak to something and then to experience it. Tanya and Heather arrived at 5:30 as planned! Two amazing ladies from the YWCA womens shelter, who have huge hearts and together we all got to work loading the uhaul truck. Given that our move out schedule had been bumped up by a month and a half, I still had a fair bit of packing left to do but again, ask and you shall receive, in pops Sam and Rebecca and they offer their help, so together the six of us pack and load in a record hour and a half!!! Then we were off. We delivered the furniture to 5 different families and we had the opportunity to meet some great people and contribute to their lives. It felt SOOOOOOO good. Making people happy, tops all other experiences in life.

The day was long and we were physically exhausted and we were feeling so many different things. It is hard to deny it is happening when you are standing in the middle of your empty apartment. Even though I was sad about ending this chapter of my life, and scared about starting the next, I have to say that the overriding emotion at that moment was happiness.


  1. We can hardly wait for you to get here and to hear about your adventures.
    Dad and Cheryl

  2. What a cool way to start the trip :)

  3. I've never packed so quickly in my life!!

  4. you should really get a good video camera, tape all your adventures, and then edit your stuff into a movie or a web tv series. you could be famous!! (i'm serious, if i could, i would come be your videographer)