August 24, 2008

Alex and Amelia visit the Sparks! - by my sister Ann-Marie

The Perry kids stayed with us for 19 days, and man did we have fun. The time flew by so fast! I tried to convince Julie to let the kids stay a while longer, but I guess she missed them too much.

So what do you do with 7 kids for a couple of weeks? What didn't we do? These kids know how to have fun! They organized cooking contests, made a travelling juice box sales business, walked to the candy store and Dairy Queen numerous times, and played at the park every day. They made a movie, 'Pepper in the Pasta II', played in the backyard pool, and even gave me a foot massage. There was never a dull moment. They made jewelry, made a Barbie tent, and even did some homeschooling. All the kids had so much fun playing with their cousins, especially the girls who would disappear for hours at a time. They always had big plans and lots of energy. They were even nice about including Joe in some of the play. We all wish Alex and Millie could have stayed longer!! Come back and visit any time!

I asked everyone to tell me their favorite memory from the visit and this is what they said:

Zac - I liked staying up late with Alex every night and watching movies and TV.
Katie - I liked walking downtown and going to the park and playing grounders.
Sarah - I liked making 'Pepper in the Pasta II' and going to the park with the red slide and playing tag.
Mandy - When we went to Big Hill Springs
Joe - I liked when Alex fed a hotdog to a spider at the cabin (Okay, this isn't a memory from the visit, but Alex obviously made quite the impression on him at the cabin!)
Shane - Shane remembers having to kick Alex off Runescape every time he wanted on the computer and how happy the girls seemed playing together all the time.
Ann-Marie - My favorite memories were meal times. I loved looking at all the happy faces around the kitchen table, and the conversations were awesome.

We are all sad to see Alex and Millie leave. Sarah's journal entries pretty much sum up how we all feel.

August 15th
Today we packed for Millie and Alex to go. We went to Dairy Queen. Millie and Alex are going to go soon. Then for the rest of the day we were crying.

August 16th
Today it was so HOT!!!! We were still crying because Millie and Alex left. Joe pooped on the floor. Today was a bad day!!!

August 09, 2008

Living at the Sparks - by Alex

Before our trip across Canada Amelia and I thought that maybe we could stay at our aunt's house for a couple of weeks in August. So we phoned her up and she said yes, even with her 5 children at home. Which is great!

So here I am now at the Sparks house. So far it has been great. We've gone to the parks, watched movies, played hide and seek and yes...I played some video games. The Sparks are the same as always, there is the occasional cry of....."Joe hurt me". I barely ever see my sister, she is always playing with the girls. Here is the funny part....Zac called me "homeless" a.k.a. my cousin. He is repeating parts of the movie Eight Crazy Nights, which gets annoying. Lol :-)
Over the past few days we have cooking contests. I came in third, Amelia second and Sarah first. The girls are addicted, so everyday they keep on making breakfast. Yesterday me and Zac went to Blockbuster to rent a video game. The girls went to the candy store, I don't know which one is better?
Anyway overall it has been a good time at the Sparks house. I know for sure it will continue to be fun, even with the screams and shouts of everyone here at the Sparks household.