May 14, 2008

We are Casting Off!!!

So it is official!! We are leaving Toronto on May 24th and flying to Antigua!! Ok, so I know this plan is totally confusing. So I broke it down below for you:
  • May 24th - arrive in Antigua
  • Sail to Grenada - "OMG"
  • June 19th - Return to Toronto
  • June 20th - Head to the cottage
  • June 24th - Alex and Julie come back for the day from Cottage for Alex's grad
  • June 30th - Leave Toronto for good bye trip across Canada
  • August 1st - Back in Toronto for one more month of work
  • August 30th - Fly to Grenada to begin our 3 year adventure!

It seems crazy that we decided on Monday, May 12th to do this and that we fly out on Saturday, May 24th!!!! There is so much to do, but strangely enough everything is falling into place. We were having some trouble finding a family in need that we could give all of our furniture to but today we were contacted by a terrific lady at the YWCA Women's shelter and she knew the perfect families for us. She took the bull by horns and helped organize the move and everything is a done deal for next Thursday! Thank you Tanya!!!!

Our wonderful landlords/friends/neighbors, Sam and Rebecca have organized a block party going away bbque for us! It will be nice to have a chance to say thank you to all the neighbors for being so terrific. They all made living on this street really great. if this wasn't enough the parents from Amelia's school have organized a drop in at the local pub, to have a chance to say good bye to a few of the parents and kids we have connected with during the last couple of years. Thank you Dawn!!!!

Soooo, we have a fun filled 9 days remaining. Man, we realized we have been here 3 years on June 1st. This city has been so good to us. We have been blessed with a great neighborhood and neighbors, a wonderful home, a great school, unbelievably committed teachers, interesting work, wonderful colleagues, great clients, good friends, good times, new experiences, the list goes on and on! I am grateful and we have enjoyed and savoured every minute.

Stay tuned.....


  1. wow, no easy start eh? I hope your Antigua - Grenada trip is super smooth!
    The kids must be sad to leave their friends behind:(

  2. Hey - just to let you know we will be following your blog as avidly as you followed ours - and thank you for that. Keep in touch as you travel and we will be waiting at the haulout for Artemo and the Perry Explorers (VHF 16/68)