May 30, 2008

The Journey is not always SUNNY!

Ok, so I really envisioned our blog to be all sunny skies and clear sailing....I had actually debated how much to share of our adventure so far that was anywhere near negative....I decided after reading Chris's comment that if you want to come along for the journey I better share the lows as well as the highs. So here it goes.

Yesterday was a day of disappointments. We had a fellow we know come over and we asked him to do the 1-2-3 on how to repair leaks on deck. Well as we started down the deck, Ian noticed a few problems. We found that the caulking on board in between each strip of teak, needed to be redone. We also found that the deck has been plained or sanded so much that there isn't a lot of wood left so the staples are starting to show that were used to nail the teak down. As we headed for the back of the boat things got a bit worse. We found some dry rot and then as Graham was taping at the wall of the raise back cabin, his finger went through.

Now finding these problems, couple with the fact that we had finally just finished fixing the starter problem on the engine (bad wiring to the start button) and we were troubleshooting the fact that the alternator was running beyond the 12 volts that it should and we were having dinghy engine troubles, suffice to say we had a hard time not being a little discouraged.

So, aside from all of this, we did manage to move on board and everything is unpack and we had loads of room, even empty cabinets! Our first night on board went well. Amelia woke up and said that was the best sleep I have ever had and then decided to go back to sleep. Graham is just making coffee, eggs and bacon. We are going to sit down and talk about options. We are making a list of the things that need doing and what could wait til we get to Grenada and what can't wait. We are also going to email Dad in Grenada and find out about the skilled labour in those parts. We have so many connections here that it seems to be easy to find help and resources and people that friends vouch for. So we have lots to think about.

I will keep you posted. Don't worry about us. Everything always happens for a reason. Graham actually has already started with his...."All we need to do is...."! He uses this intro for almost anything that I find way overwhelming and he basically breaks it down into the steps for completion. Everything is just doing one thing and then the next thing.

Oh and we did manage to get to our friends (Tanner and Sherry) last night for a big b-bque and we all had a great time. We are so happy to have Tanner and Sherry here, to bounce things off of. Big help. And we have already made some new friends here on other boats. So lots of positives. Gotta run, time to talk business. Take care everyone. WE miss you tons.


  1. Hey Julie,

    Are you guys talking about potentially not going to Grenada until you go back in September?

    I am sure you guys will have that boat in tip top shape in no time!

    The pictures looked great!

    PS. The 2 hr finally of Lost was very good - I taped it for ya.

    Miss ya,

    Rob in Toronto

  2. keep your chin up.

    the sun'll come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...

  3. Now I have Jason singing in my head! Thanks Jay.

    You're right Julie, everything happens for a reason. You're going to look back on this and laugh.

    It can't be all bad if Graham is still cooking for you!

  4. It is probably not very helpful to say we know exactly where you are coming from but on the positive side for us, in spite of it all, we made it this far and learned a whole lot - including maybe "some" patience. As I mentioned before, you guys have the youth, enthusiasm and the ability to acquire any expertise you don't have - which is already lots.
    I think sometimes things DON'T happen for a reason - that is where the expression "sh.t happens came from! But I do believe, based on what I've learned over the last 18 years, that we only get handed what the our creator thinks we can handle - and he/she is usually right. Glad you are sharing the downs as well as the ups

  5. Hi!

    England calling or should i say blogging! Just been reading some of your blogs and realised your adventure is starting but hope the problems with the boat are sorted out soon- we think you are amazing !We are thinking of you, enjoy your trip across Canada,Take care

    Love Helen, Mark, Charlie & Ollie x

  6. Hi Guys,
    What an adventure! Thanks for sharing all the details with us, I am sure you all will get the boat in "ship shape" soon . The weather in T.O. is cold and rainy so we are very envious of you- I will clean your toilets for you! I am sure the weather is great THERE. Candice says hi- but says she won't clean your toilets as she gets very sea sick! TOO BAD
    Julia, Cara and Dee are camping this weekend with Girl Guides and they miss Amelia alot. Keep up the good work and blogs We love all the updates.
    Thinking of you often,
    Dawn and Julia

  7. It seems that Artemo is becoming a character in your story - a 5th person on your voyage. I'm guessing there is no better way to "know" a ship than to strip out the caulking, cut out the rot, replace the lines, fix the wiring. Though these things may seem like setbacks, they may be critical opportunities to gain an understanding of her, learn about her character, reaching inside and even heal her. I think she will pay you back - maybe even save your life - because you will know so well what she is made of.


    (Have I read too many ship novels cause I'm making an assumption here that Artemo is a 'she'?)