May 26, 2008

Boat Cleaning Continues - Amelia (Monday, May 26th)

Today is Monday, May 26th, errrrrrrr. Dad woke us up at 5:30 am, not PM, AM!! At least I should get to nap in today. First we came down to our boat. We worked our butts off til my mom said sure I will go to the pool. It was so refreshing. When we got back.....I basically worked, stopped, worked, and then took a nap. After the nap I got to take a dead dried up gecko and feed it to the fish. After that my Dads friend Tanner (that was here before) dropped off his golf cart, so we saved allot of money. Then we went swimming.

ps. the bathroom stinks!

I wonder what my friends are doing today. I bet at least one of them cried.  It must have been weird not to have me there. I remember when someone in my class left. It was weird the next day.


  1. Hey Millie - sorry you are working so hard but look at it as you are working on your own boat in the Caribbean!!! It does take some time to get ready but that makes it worth while in the end. We wish for you guys fair winds and smooth seas
    Lots of Love
    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl

  2. My little Angel, don't worry the bathroom will smell better soon and it will be because of all the work you did. You are obviously an important member of the crew. Take care
    Love you lots
    Nanny Donna and Grampa Earl

  3. I can't believe your father made you get up at 5:00am! When you stay here this summer I will NEVER ask you to wake up early!!

  4. These blogs differ a little bit from the videos where you explin what a typical day might be like :>

    Hope all the hard work dies down soon and you can enjoy the beach and pools more!

    -Uncle Rob

  5. 5:30AM? GP is slacking! you guys should of been up since 3!!!! AM! :)))