May 10, 2008

Need Opinions on New Idea

First of all, as you may know, the arrangement we had with a fellow in Antigua to move our boat fell through. So Graham and I decided to leave the boat in Antigua and when we go down in August to leave the boat out of the water (since it will be hurricane season in Antigua) and we would rent a Villa for three months at the marina. As we started thinking about this plan we realize there were many cons and some pros. So Graham came home last night with a new idea.

Can you guys give us you non bias opinions on this plan? We aren't sold on it but want to play it out and see what you think. Let say we leave Toronto in two weeks and fly to Antigua and ready the boat for passage and sail to Grenada and then store the boat, at the same marina as Dad and Cheryls, and return back to Toronto (hopefully around June 20th). Still make the cottage and Alex's grad. We still drive across Canada in July and do our visits but when we return to Toronto on August 1st we work for one more month and finish the time on our contracts? We then return to Grenada in early September.

What do you think? We are struggling with this one.

  • We would see Dad and Cheryl in June for a few days
  • We could begin our trip in the water, instead of on the hard
  • We would have an opportunity to start, come home and get things we need to continue the trip
  • Save $4800 in Rent in Antigua
  • Get the boat out of hurricane belt or at least on the edge
  • We would of already sailed the caribbean islands and will be more willing to just begin sailing towards our destination of the Panama Canal.
  • The kids miss a month of school, fall behind possibly
  • Less time to organize our pack and move and sale of the car
  • It isn't a slow and easy start, we need to jump right in, since we have a deadline.
  • Costs $4000 return airfare
  • Changes the plan from original


  1. I think you should stick with the original idea.

  2. GO!!!!!!

    I see no reason to stay at this point. Go and start your adventure. You can come back to the cabin with tales of sailing :)

    HAVE FUN!!!!

  3. So I asked Alex what he thought and he said "We should go now" and I said "Why"? and he said....."cause it gives me butterflys to think about it"!!! Sounds like a good enough reason to go for me. My vote is now "GO". Julie

  4. Hey,

    I say go now, and also not worry about August if the bosses are OK with that. The school should not be an issue, as the education from sailing will be far greater for Alex and Millie, and they will progress anyway with a little homework.

    Carpe Diem


  5. I say go now, start the adventure and screw work. I am with Shane, I would not even worry about the extra month in August. The government owes you nothing and you owe the government nothing.


  6. i don't like the fact that you wouldn't be able to "ease into it" with the new plan,

    But I'm sure you guys will end up following you're gut feeling anyway:)

  7. guys this sounds like a great plan - the only thing I would caution against is making decisions before 8am....