January 06, 2009

What do we do in the boat yard...???

Well thought you all might be curious about life in the boat yard. It is a bit like putting your car into the mechanic shop to be fixed and living at the garage while they do the work. Picture a dirty mechanics yard/shop and "Bingo" you got it! Oh wait....add bugs and extreme heat. Now you are there. The bathroom in a mechanic shop pretty much looks like the bathroom here to!

Ok, I will try and stop complaining now. So we didn't hit the water last Friday. We are shooting for this Friday. I made another list and distributed. We have been on top of everyone throughout the day to keep things moving and things are getting done. We have to make the decision tomorrow about wiring the final payment for this Friday because "No Cash, No Splash" is there slogan here. My fear is we do the transfer and they don't finish by Friday and then we are in the water and out of there face and the remaining nick picky things don't get done!!! Ok, breath Julie, breath....

We are busy round the clock. Artmeo is looking better and better. Feels like home. Graham spends his days chopping through his list and assisting the various boat workers doing their work on board. Alex and Amelia do their school work, play with the other boat yard kids, swimming and hide and go seek, they help with the chores. Amelia enjoys doing the laundry (no one tell her that it is actually work!), Alex is a huge help carrying groceries, prepping for dinner, washing the boat, etc etc...I have been making bug screens for all the windows, organizing the boat, unpacking our storage shed, laundry, shopping, cleaning, list making, tracking down various workers, etc etc....So anyone dying to be in our shoes? Ha

Everyone cross their fingers and their toes for us, in hopes that we splash on Friday with all the work we paid for completed!! Stay tuned.....


  1. fingers crossed.

    dang those kids are growing up...

  2. Things are coming together now and especially if you look what has been done since we were there in Dec. Wow.
    Keep picking at them ans don't sweat the small stuff.

  3. Only two more days on land. It will happen!