January 21, 2009

Video that depicts how overwhelmed we were the first day moving back on board

I was going through our videos last night and I came across this one. It is from the day we moved aboard the boat while it was on the hard and while the boat work was continuing. It is funny. It shows exactly how overwhelmed we were feeling, everything was chaotic, dirty and wet. The funny part is that it didn't seem to affect the kids! Rest assured the boat is all organized now and almost all of the leaks are taken care of. Quality of life has increased dramatically! Enjoy!


  1. Man, that is cramped living quaters. Why don't you post a new video now that it's all cleaned up?

  2. Are all your leaks sealed now Julie. It must have been aweful to have so much water coming in. At least the leaks can be fixed before you head out. The kids looked quite comfortable I would say. It didnt seem to bother them that the clothes and stuff werent put away. Actually it didnt look so bad to me....have you ever seen Carleys room. HAhaha. looking forward to a new clip. I love the videos.

  3. Not much room there, it is almost like living in my spare room. OH wait you did that too. You guys are so lucky, you can live anywhere. I thought you both looked completly in control of the situation and the kids looked like they were lovin it. Send a video from now, I would love to see the other boats and the dock etc.