January 08, 2009

The Slice

Yesterday as the kids and I sat at the table homeschooling, the boat worker "The Slice" was working in the kitchen. He says to me, "Where is the Skip?". His pet name for Graham. I told him I wasn't sure and went back to math with Amelia. All of a sudden The Slice says, "Ok, well I am ready to drill." I look up again and say, "Ok". I haven't been involved with the work he has been assigned or what he had been doing. I gave the list to Nicholas and he assigns the work. I remembered that we did need an access hole inside for the attachment point for the traveller above deck. I was in no way qualified though, to get up and say well lets have a look. So The Slice takes the drill and decides on a spot and with a 2 inch circle drill head he proceeds to drill and then he says, "Done". Then he goes up on deck and he doesn't say to much me when he gets back.
Graham comes back (he was only gone for 10 minutes tops) and comes in takes a look and freaks out. He starts yellin at The Slice...."This isn't just a mistake, you are a whole FOOT out.....all you had to do was MEASURE.....F#$&*, F*&^$#, F*&*^!!!! Graham tells me, thats it, the final straw, go over to the office and tell them what has just happened and get his supervisor over here ASAP!

So off I go to the office and meanwhile The Slice is trying to fix his mistake on his own. Nicholas is off for the week, so Jimmy is filling his shoes. Raquel the office manager calls Jimmy and tells him that a hole has just been cut in our new roof and he better start supervising The Slice. Less than 2 minutes later Jimmy is on board and the two of them are trying to fix the problem.

The thing is, the roof we paid big money for will never be the brand new roof we wanted. Not only is there this hole but they have also screwed things to the deck and used screws that were to long and bingo we have screws coming through.

Right now "The Slice" is working on caulking the boat and he has brought another guy to help. He feels bad and apologized to Skip and is really trying hard to make everything right. He is a nice guy, just needs a bit more attention to detail. Junior is hooking back up the radar since they CUT the wire when they unhooked it for the roof???? Definitely not the standard but most likely the standard for here.
Tomorrow the riggers need to come on board and hook up the new travellor and reposition the lines and winches. Friday Splash isn't going to happen, so we are shooting for Monday now. You guys can uncross everything, if it happens it happens, I hesitate even naming a date at this point!

Graham got the engine running on the hard and did the oil thing and serviced it and everything looks good. He is definitely making it through his list. The kids and I trying to stay out of everyones way. We are homeschooling at the bar. The kids are happy, they have a friend here, Adam, who they say is perfect. He likes swimming, hide and go seek, runescape, DS and pretty much anything they suggest. Last night Alex caught his first fish on his new rod and Amelia ate it for dinner. Graham caught a tuna but it was about the size of his middle finger, so he got to live.

We will just keep on keeping on.....OH WAIT....I forgot to tell you the worst news of all.....last night in the middle of the night the FAN STOP WORKING.......It has been running 24/7 since we got here at the beginning of September. Lately though it has been showing signs of an impending death and last night it happened. Unfortunately, it happened right after a rain, so all the windows were closed and it was HOT and MUGGY. I lost it and started to cry and headed up on deck....luckily no was awake to see my melt down. I gathered myself up, opened all the windows, washed myself down and back to bed. Life without a fan commenced at 3:15am this morning.


  1. Brian said he feels bad for you because we are in -15 degrees here. Hahahah...the part where you said you had no fan.
    Wow that is frustrating about the hole in your new roof. Incompetence eh!! I have my fingers crossed you set sail on Monday. Keep in mind that things always happen for a reason. Look forward to your next blog.

  2. Holy Smokes, has Graham lost weight or what?

    Well I was reading this article..

    Globe and Mail Article

    and then went on to read the comments of the article and one of them said:

    Crimson The-Red from Canada writes: Google the words to the Arrogant Worms' song "Last Saskatchewan Pirate".

    Appropriate lyrics for these hard economic times, plus the song is too much fun.

    So check it out..I think this is funny...here is the lyrics to the song:
    Arrogant Worms - Last Saskatchewan Pirate