January 17, 2009

I know you all want the chapter of the story at Grenada Marine to be over but the saga continues.......

Goodness knows we want this chapter over, we are living it! Unfortunately now instead of us living in the yard waiting for work to get done, we are living on the water, looking at the yard, waiting for work to get done.

We are still waiting on the rigger, "Louie" to finish his work. We had the traveller moved out of the cockpit and onto the coachroof. Louie was responsible for moving it and running the main sheet and aligning the new winch and clutch on the roof. He is also responsible for tuning the rigging, since his crew put the masts, etc. He says he is sorry and he feels bad, blah, blah, blah.....I am so sick of excuses. Turns out that the roof will need to be hollowed out where the new winch is being attached to fill in with extra hardening epoxy, so we now wait for the composite guy and we also wait for the metal guy to make the backing plate. Then Louie will be back to finish up.

Graham and I attached the new Missen sail the day before yesterday and unfortunately it seems it is too long. The length on the foot of the sail seems longer than the boom. We went and spoke to the sail maker and he said he measured from the old missen sail. Graham said well the reason we were getting a new sail is because the old one wouldn't furl in?? It is definitely NOT standard to measure the old sail to make the new sail, since the old sail could have stretched, etc. The sail maker is now on holidays as of yesterday, so his assistant said he would be out Monday to take a look. It will most likely mean, removing the sail and taking it back and recutting and sewing! arrggg

Ok, so our departure seems to be drifting in the distance but we ARE on the water :-)! We can jump in and cool off any time we want and there are some lovely naked old french people next to us, who seem to get in every few hours or so. Lots to see :-)! Nice cheeks for old folks. The bugs are WAY less too and our bathroom is CLEAN! So there are lots of positives and since we are still waiting, Graham and I are varnishing all the exterior woodwork and it is looking really good! The kids are going back and forth to the boat yard, to see their friend Adam and last night Amelia sang at the bar and Adam played guitar. They did "Hotel California". It was very cool.

So the Grenada Marine chapter of our lives continues for now.....


  1. So is it true that my Grandaughter is a bar singer? Please take a vidio of it and send it. I would love to see the show.
    Good news that you are on the water and have a bathroom. The naked french people are just a bonus I guess. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. When Jason comes down he will have to split his time between you, Dad, and the naked old french people!

  3. I was talking today to Larry from Camelot who Graham has met. He said that it feels better when the bad and good are more evenly distributed but I say look on the "glass half full" side. If you get the bad out of the way, it is clear sailing!!
    Dad and Cheryl

  4. Good for those naked french people!!! I bet that feels great and would love to try it sometime...although I probably dont have nice looking cheeks hahaha!!! As for the boat situation hang in there and enjoy the moment remember things always happen for a reason maybe you are avoiding a storm somewhere.

  5. I've been checking and checking for this next installment. Somehow, I had you pictured sailing around, laughing and loving it all. Sorry to hear my vision is not your reality. Imagine when it all comes together, it will be so, so sweet.
    Love reading your blog.
    Hugs from Gromit!