January 12, 2009

Didn't mean to worry you all.....

After all the emails, I thought I better write a blog on a high note! It seems I grab the computer and write my blogs when I am stressed or worried and it seems to come through! Go figure? :-)

Yesterday we did a ton of boat work and accomplished many things and as far as we are concerned we are 100% ready for them to put us in the water BUT aside from boat chores here are the other great things we did that I usually neglect to mention!
  • Made buns and bread and they turned out GREAT (everyone stop worrying....I am trying to fatten Graham up!)
  • Made rice krispie squares with Alex and ate way to many mini marshmallows
  • Amelia went 2 boats over to a boat named "island girl" with a lady named Barbara on it who misses her grandkids terribly and was wondering if Amelia liked art because she was willing to share her knowledge and paint with her!!!! Amelia spent 2 hours over at her boat doing watercolors and telling her what an amazing artist nanny she had!
  • Alex skateboarded with his friend Adam
  • Alex and Adam played RUNESCAPE....Adam also loves this game so he is the perfect friend as far as Alex is concerned!
  • Amelia, Alex and Adam went to the bar and Adam played the quitar and Amelia sang a couple of songs she had written and they drew in a crowd!
  • Amelia and Alex played with 3 kids from Quebec (Sebastian, Pascal and Amelie) and had so much fun trying to understand each other.
  • Amelia, Alex and Adam walked up to the resort and swam in their pool for a few hours
  • Graham made black bean burgers for my buns and rice pudding for desert
  • We all went for a walk in the full moon light on the beach and the tide was out and we walked on the sand bars
  • We all watched Gilmore girls


  1. It sounds as if you guys are back to having fun. Any idea when the boat will go into the water and are you less stressed about it.That moon lit walk on the beach sounded nice. Does it cool off there at night.Trese

  2. glad to hear all the happy stories

  3. When life gives you lemons...make lemonaide and watch Gilmore Girls.

  4. A for effort Julie. I can see you're trying to be upbeat, but I'm not buying it. Did you get to a hotel for a night yet?
    Go spend a day like wealthy tourists. It will be fun :)