January 26, 2009

Amelia's Site Page

Hey Guys, Amelia has been asking for awhile to update her crew page. We finally got her set up and she has finished the update. It is pretty good. Go check it out. Enjoy....


  1. Amelia
    I love your page. I printed it off and it is in the "Book". Someday it might be published. You sure have moved around Canada and now the world.
    Nanny Donna

  2. First I have to say OMG Donna is writing a book. Please dont mention me in it ok....as I could write my own book.
    Amelia I loved your page and I hope you and Alex write more. I didnt realize you have lived in so many places. You are very fortunate to have seen and done so much at such a young age. Your mother is right though you must always embrace the positive things in life and the negative wont seem so bad. I would love to blow up one of those sunsets and frame it. So make sure you take lots of pictures for me. Enjoy your time in the sun. Cant wait to see you guys in May.

  3. mimi, juliana and i just read your profile, and we really enjoyed it!!! we miss you!!!