January 20, 2009

"Mom, I pumped up a jelly fish!"

This is what I heard from the bathroom this morning. Too funny. In the process of pumping the toilet out, up comes a jelly fish. The water was littered with them. We were actually able to scoop some up with a bowl from the ocean and watch them swim around. They are tiny and cool. I am reluctant to let the kids swim today though, just incase they sting.

The kids spent the day yesterday at the boat next to us. Amelia said the boat reminded her of the trailer from Christmas Vacation. Stuff hanging everywhere, dirty, craziness. The little girl speaks french and Spanish. Amelia asked her if her cat swam, as they were all swimming in the water. The little girl say ...."ummm, swim?....uhhhh....no" and then about half an hour later, Amelia said she saw a grey fur ball flying through the air from the boat into the water and guess what? Surprise, surprise the cat could swim! but she didn't like the water and finally made it to the boogie board where she stood just like a cat in Halloween pictures the kids said. All four feet together and hair standing up! Craziness. From what I gather the kids swung in a chair, jump from a rope and played under a dinghy while the older brother jumped on it. Graham and I were varnishing our boat. At about 5pm we saw the kids coming back and Alex had the motor going on the dinghy! I had specifically told him only to row the dinghy but he decided to push the envelope. Man they seem so old. Give them a tiny bit of freedom and they push and push.

Graham made dinner crepes and Caesar salad for dinner. It was sooooo good! We have been sticking to the same menu plan for awhile so it was nice to eat something dinner. He even made chocolate crepes for desert. We all ate and ate and ate until we could stuff one more bite in! Tonight we are doing pizza and Caesar salad. We have to eat Caesar salad for 3 nights because the romaine lettuce came in a 3 pack and it will go bad if we don't eat it quickly. Interesting stuff eh? ha

Today I am waiting at the bar with the kids while Graham and 3 boat workers are on the boat doing various tasks. I am hopeful we leave within a week but I am not putting money on it!!!


  1. Thats not the whole story...
    Before we left we asked if could use the swing they had that up from the front of the boat to the back mom said we coundnt so we asked her again and then she called for graham and she told him to yell at us. he said our punishment would be to in the front cabin for THREE WHOLE HOURS with our noses pointing the oppisite directions. classical dad.
    I had to claim my story
    ha bye

  2. Your blogg was good Julie but I kinda liked Alexs hahahha.I could just picture the boat next to you as we just watched Christmas vacation a few weeks ago. To funny. Sounds like the kids are having fun....maybe with the exception of the 3 hr nose pointing session. :)Your dinner sounded good as well.I have my fingers crossed for you that you are able to set sail soon.

  3. Great performance Millie!!

    Alex why don't you start blogging on your blog again? I reading things from your point of view!

  4. Well, you guys have done something we haven't done yet - but we aren't going to try to duplicate thank you very much
    Dad and Cheryl
    Hope you are away soon

  5. Wow, nice song there Millard - too cute!

    -Uncle Rob

  6. Rebecca, Sam and JulianaJanuary 27, 2009 at 11:08 AM

    great performance mimi!
    i agree alex, we'd love to hear more from you (though we love to hear from u too, julie!!!)