July 31, 2008

We left our kids in Alberta

Well we are off. Our month long goodbye tour as a family of 4 has drawn to an end. We said good bye to Alex and Amelia and left them with my sister (Ann-Marie) until the middle of the month. After everything we have been through these past two months it felt so strange to say goodbye to them and it feels so strange to be alone.

My sister has five kids ranging in ages from 3 to 14, two boys and three girls. I was shocked when she said she would love to have my two for a couple of weeks. She even suggested we leave them til the end of August but we are still thinking on that one.

Ann-Marie home schools her five kids. She has strong opinions on many things but never pushes them down your throat. She quietly educates and thank god she does. She is the number one reason for so many great experiences in my life, home birthing, breastfeeding and attachment parenting.

She believes in the law of attraction and I have seen it at work in her life. She never settles and she and her husband Shane have begun living their lives with no fear. Instead of wishing for the life they want, they are living it! It is very inspirational.

Ann-Marie, Shane and the five kids are saving to meet us in Egypt. They have set their goal and we cannot wait for us to meet up and explore that amazing country together.

I will try and get the kids to write a couple of times over the next two weeks about their time at their cousins. As for Graham and I, we are about 3 hours outside of Chicago and excited about returning to work next week. We are both craving a bit of focused work time. We also can't wait to see our friends and Rob, and sit on a few patios with no worries of kids to run home to! Thanks Ann-Marie and Shane, Graham and I will enjoy these next two weeks alone.


  1. Julie, your sister is amazing isn't she. I hear that everyone is having a great time. The girls play well together and Zac loves having Alex there. Enjoy the time with your brother and friends. Don't work to hard.

  2. I think it is a good thing to have a few weeks alone with Graham before starting off on your trip. The four of you will be together for a long time once it begins :) I just looked at Griff & Cheryl's latest blog and can't believe the crap in the water from the other boats.That is disgusting.The oil especially and I agree with Jason that there should be regulations in place to guard against this sort of thing.A beautiful place like that to have all that stuff pumped into the water. Terrible!!August is here already and I can't believe that either! Where did July go?Landon will be arriving for his sleep-over in a little while.I have everything ready (I hope) as I am out of practice and nervous about having him all night.Ron does do a lot with him which is GOOD!I know your kids and Ann's love being together and it is great!They all have had a wonderful summer this year with all their visiting and activities.That's great too that they will all be joining you in Egypt.When will that be or do you know yet?Well,better go and put my feet up until Ron & Landon get here.Take care and bye for now...Gail PS Reading your Blogs & Griff's is a lot like reading a continuing adventure Novel....Love It!!