July 07, 2008

Every paradise has a downside - TICKS!!!!

Well we did get out for that hiked I mentioned but it wasn't exactly the picture perfect hike that I imagined. We hiked out and arrived at the electric fence and Graham carefully pulled it apart for us to exit into the hills. We managed to avoid the cows and up the hill we hiked. My first thoughts were of our conversation the night before about the growing bear population.

I began to talk VERY LOUDLY and sing. We hiked up three small hills referred to as the "Three Sisters". We then headed out across some farm land to get to a raveen that would take us down to the creek. I was walking behind the kids and I could see the back of Amelia's neck but Alex's neck was hidden under his hat. I thought that maybe I should have a peek and see if there were any ticks on him.

I lifted the back of his hat and holy crap, there was a tick embedded on the back of his head. YUCK. Of course I did exactly what you all would expect of me....I yelled and left it there and called Graham to come take it off. Of course they were all over us!! We tried to get most of them off of us but it seemed like a losing battle so we decided it was time to run for home. It was a quick hike home. We got to the front door step and we all stripped down to undies and Graham picked all the ticks of us. We then ran into the house to the bathroom to shower. Nanny Mrytle was sitting in the living room and got to see the Perry streak show! She got a good laugh. Graham stayed out on the front step with our clothes and continued to kill the ticks stuck to them. The count was way past 40 when he was done!

Definitely an adventure.


  1. I guess staying at the farm is crossed off your list of possibilities.

    Have you ever heard the Brad Paisley song 'I'd like to check you for ticks'

  2. I am laughing soooooooo hard right now!!!