July 10, 2008

Goodbye's suck

We drove up to Jason's new condo in downtown Calgary and the excitement was building. We were all frantically grabbing bags from the car and running for the door. The elevator seem to take forever and then...we opened the door to his place and "WOWEE"....my littlest brother had moved from minimalist to metroman! I really couldn't believe my eyes. This was a guy who not too long ago took pride in being able to fit his life into a suitcase. Not only did his condo look amazing...couch, comfy chairs, TV, KITCHEN TABLE???, first aid kit, coffee, wine but he also....are you ready for this....cooked us dinner! I looked on in surprise as he pulled the salad from the fridge that he had made up and tossed in balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Ok, I was shocked!!

We had such a good visit. We watched the stampede fireworks from his balcony and played "Rock Band". Amelia on the drums, me singing, Graham and Alex on guitars. Man it was fun. Maybe our next dream will be the "Perry Band". We slept great and Jay had coffee and oatmeal for us. I told Jason he better be careful or we would stay for a week.

I couldn't help but think about once we leave in September, how long would it be until we see Jason again. It literally made me feel sick. This leaving family thing is going to be hard. I begged Jason to visit on the boat and laid the best guilt trip I could (you would be proud mom)!

This road trip is fun but saying goodbye sucks.


  1. Saying Goodbye does suck! It will be so hard for me. I guess this means that you are not staying in Sask. until Dec. I did have my fingers crossed as that is closer.
    I also love Jason's place and his decorating is awesome. I have invited him for the weekend when you guys are here so you will get to say one more goodbye. Chant and Justin are also coming. I am looking forward to having some time with you guys. Meanwhile enjoy your visit in Vernon and all of our Canadian beauty that surounds you.

  2. Oh my goodness I can hardly wait until you come. Reading this message made me so excited to have you guys here! I am so pumped now. :)
    And yes we will be coming up to mom's so we'll all be reunited for a couple of days(!)
    Love Chantelle