July 24, 2008

Candle Lake - by Alex

Over the past few days we heard a lot of great stories but I will only touch on to a few.

Our grandparents were fishing in September, when a flying saucer came overhead. They said it sounded like a flock of birds taking off.  Grandpa Elwood said he pointed his rifle at it but great grandma Donna said don't because last week a boat was recovered and people were missing on the same lake. Abduction?  Lasers? Who knows? But it disappeared in one zip.  They went back to town to tell people about their experience, but all they got in return was....are you drinking?

You might not think this but my Great Grandma use to hunt and fish. For instance she shot moose and deer from her boat. Actually she's won trophies for hunting and she catches pickerel a type of fish.

I was surprised when my Grandpa said that he could feed wild deer out of his hand. In a day or so we had pancakes and since we had extras we feed the deer out of our hand and we kept on going back for more pancakes.

Over the past few days in Candle Lake we have had something like a family reunion because we have been meeting so much family, some we have never met before. It was great to see my Great Grandparents alive and well. We even made some new friends like Matthew my cousin that I had never met before.

Well Candle Lake is going to be one of the highlights of our trip

Miss you all



  1. Well Alex,My Dad,your Great-Grandfather on your Mother's side,also saw a flying object ,which appeared to be a saucer shape and flying low ,all lit up,when he was returning from work at Alcan,late one night/early morning.He told Mom,who in turn ,told me,but as far as I know,he never mentioned it to anyone else.My opinion is that ,your Great-grand-parents,were and are ,level-headed people and therefore,if they say they saw something "unusual" then I believe they did!My Father never drank when he was working.And he said he knew what he saw was something "strange" and I believe him.Your Great grandparents sound like my kind of people and I am glad that you are enjoying all the visiting and getting to meet relatives you had never met before.I hope you & Amelia are keeping a journal of all of these stories and experiences .I also got goosebumps when I read about your Grandfather's Juno Beach story!Great-Grandpa Tugwood once wrote in his papers that "War was Hell" but neccesary to preserve our "way of Life" from those who wish to destroy it.His accounts of life in the Trenches during the first War were dreadful!Great grandma Tugwood's only Brother was killed by a German Sniper in the first War and he was only 19. Mike has all his papers and will be putting them together once he gets time to.I,of course,love the part about feeding the deer pancakes.Ron used to feed all the deer at Millhaven Pen and one Doe even brought her fawn up to his truck and the Doe stuck her head in the window for an apple.The other guards also brought them apples,carrots,cabbage and other goodies.I have a wild Rabbit in my yard who is partial to raisin & oatmeal cookies.Because the squirrels steal the cookie when I give him one,I also have to throw the squirrels cookies or peanuts too,so they'll leave him alone:)All the critters ,including the rabbit,come right up to us for their treats too.Anyhow ,I guess you will be leaving shortly for LaCombe ,so say Hi to all for us and bye for now....Gail