August 09, 2008

Living at the Sparks - by Alex

Before our trip across Canada Amelia and I thought that maybe we could stay at our aunt's house for a couple of weeks in August. So we phoned her up and she said yes, even with her 5 children at home. Which is great!

So here I am now at the Sparks house. So far it has been great. We've gone to the parks, watched movies, played hide and seek and yes...I played some video games. The Sparks are the same as always, there is the occasional cry of....."Joe hurt me". I barely ever see my sister, she is always playing with the girls. Here is the funny part....Zac called me "homeless" a.k.a. my cousin. He is repeating parts of the movie Eight Crazy Nights, which gets annoying. Lol :-)
Over the past few days we have cooking contests. I came in third, Amelia second and Sarah first. The girls are addicted, so everyday they keep on making breakfast. Yesterday me and Zac went to Blockbuster to rent a video game. The girls went to the candy store, I don't know which one is better?
Anyway overall it has been a good time at the Sparks house. I know for sure it will continue to be fun, even with the screams and shouts of everyone here at the Sparks household.



  1. Alex and Amelia
    Ya gotta love those Sparkys!
    Hated to say "Goodbye" tonight.
    We had a good time over the weekend even the Alberta hail storm was an adventure. Thanks for visiting us.
    Love you lots
    Nanny Donna and Grampa Earl

  2. Hello Alex.Glad to hear that you & Amelia are enjoying your visit with the Sparks Family:)Sounds like a full house,but all the more fun,eh!I see where you visited your Grandma in Lacombe and had Hail.Well we also had a lot of hail as well!We have had rainstorms ,loud lightening storms,hail,and the whole works,practically every day& night.Brian is waiting for a good couple of days to dry the earth up so they can pour cement and get the heavy equipement out there but no luck so far and it is raining again today.Your cooking contests sound interesting.You didn't say what sorts of foods were cooked though?I guess you are a bit "homeless" at the moment,aren't you,but I always liked that part of moving.We were homeless every 3-4 years ,from the time I was 8,with only a few years in between ,where I stayed in one place,and even then,we moved around to different houses.This house is the longest place we have ever stayed.We moved here in 1980 and have been here ever since.At first I found it strange.But we got used to it pretty quick:)Anyhow,the summer will be over before we know it and you guys will be "away" on your great adventure,so enjoy your visit while you can and will talk to you soon.Oh yes,and Theresa and Carley have both got new Laptops,so I imagine you will be hearing from her as soon as she gets all hooked up.The Computernurds are going to go out there from Best Buy to do the deed this week sometime,so then,watch out :)She will be able to go on-line from every room in the house(& likely will too:)The best part of it is that they will be getting hig-speed too,as Carley needs it for College this sept. So bye for now and talk soon...Gail

  3. Yes i called alex homeless but that was long ago.

  4. And i did not say a.k.a. my cousin after i said he was homeless i said moocher.

  5. Great blog Alex! I heard you were very brave in that hail storm!! I also heard Millie got peed on by the dog. I bet you can look back and laugh at that ride eh? Glad to hear your trip to Alberts was so much fun. I am soon getting high speed (tomorrow actually) so I can send you some pictures finally. I also look forward to visiting you in two weeks in T.O. Keep writing as I love to read your blogs. Trese