July 18, 2008

My little sister

We just had an amazing visit with my little sister Chantelle . She graduated high school last year and is now living in Edmonton with her boyfriend Justin and dog Whiskey and going to school. It is so neat to see her transition from kid to adult.

Graham and I couldn't help but think about when he and I moved in together when we were 18 and started making our life together. First TV, first set of dishes, first couch, first matching sheet set, grocery shopping, paying bills, making dinner, being responsible for everything.........all exciting but also a little bit scary. She is making it all look like she has been on her own forever.

Their place is really cute. They have it set up really modern. Big comfy couches, flat screen TV and little touches, like candles and such.  We were the first family members to stay with them. Telly made us feel so welcome. We fell in love with their dog Whiskey. He is a cross between a Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees. He is HUGE with big, big eyes and a gentle spirit. He is kind of quirky to. The kids would throw his squeaky toy and he would run and get it and then retreat to the bedroom to play with it. You could never throw it more than once. He also didn't like to eat in front of you. Even when we put yummy scraps in his bowl, he would wait til we weren't looking to eat them.

Being so far away from Chantelle, I often wonder if everything is good for her. Ok, I worry. I just feel really, really good now, knowing that she is way more than fine. It also felt good to know that she is still the same little sister who use to run to the door when we visited and yell "Julie", "Julie"......fyi...she was running to the door when we got there. Love ya Tel. Thanks for the visit. Think about you and Justin coming down to the boat next year for a holiday.


  1. Chantelle has grown up and all to quickly for me. I am very proud of her as I am all of my children. We are looking forward to seeing Chantelle and Justin on Friday and Jason, as well as everyone else.
    Enjoy your visit with the grandparents and we will see you on Tuesday.

  2. Yes,Chantelle has grown up all too quickly,for me as well.Makes me feel twice as old as I already feel,if that is possible :( It's good to hear though, that she is doing well. Whiskey sounds so loveable and her apt. sounds nice and cosy too.Glad you all get to visit before you leave on your "adventure" in sept.Hope Alberta's weather is nicer than our's is :( Gail