June 11, 2008

Our first overnight sail is complete

Well we just pulled into Wallilabou bay in St Vincent. We were on the water for 33 hours.
It was so cool to sail overnight. None of us had ever sailed after dark, so this was pretty big leap for us all. We left Les Saintes, Guadeloupe at about 6am on Tuesday morning and at about 4pm we were at the tail end of Dominica. I knew that as we passed it, our point of no return was ending. It is really dangerous to enter an anchorage at night, so I knew that we were for sure doing the overnight sail. I kept my poker face on and just gave Graham one quick glance and he knew what I was thinking!

We got just about everything in our 33 hours. Light wind, non existant wind, nice wind and heavy wind. We filled our time with yahtzee, connect four, ninetendo ds, REBA, braiding each others hair, making silly movies, listening to music, making dinner, sleeping, reading, coloring and telling stories. As the night fell we all watched The Emporers New Groove on the laptop. After the movie finished the kids went to bed.

Graham and I took turns keeping our eyes open and then the other got to nap. We did about 7 knots during the night. We were heeled over pretty good. I kept worrying Alex was going to get shot across his room but he stayed in place.

By morning I was ready to be at anchor but we had 7 more hours to go. I could see land but it seemed to take forever to get to it. We finally arrived, safe and sound and GUESS WHAT?????????????

The anchorage bay is where they filmed alot of Pirates of the Caribean! Way cool. The rock were the pirates were hung is at the entrance and the fake set where they almost hung Johnny Depp is here to. We are going to do some looking around and we will take pictures.

We were greeted by numerous, Boat Boys, as we came into anchor. They help you moor and tie to a cocunut tree and then you tip them. Normally in our younger days we would of probably refused and struggled on our own but now, I figured why the hell not and we accepted Alexs (boat boys) help and we were glad we did. Amelia was beyond happy when she woke up and step up on deck and all of these boat boys had bags of goods to sell her. She started shopping!


  1. Overnight? Pffff, wait until you're a week into the middle of the Pacific:)

  2. Wow that is awesome that your all still alive and well after your night sail! I would have been afraid of falling asleep.What an accomplishment!So what did Amelia buy from the boat boys?

  3. G & C - Mystic JourneyJune 11, 2008 at 4:53 PM

    Hey - great stuff - your first overnight sounds a lot nicer than ours. That is a neat anchorage eh? Get Alex and Graham into the coffins and take a picture and we will compare to Randy and I!! Really glad that things are going so well now. Time to slow down a little and enjoy the journey though. (Although we are really looking forward to seeing you guys!!)Only happens once!
    Griff and Cheryl

  4. Glad everyone is safe and what an experience for you all! Since I finally got on here I might add that I enjoy Alex & Amelia's stories as well,especially the snorkelling one! Take Care .....gail