June 02, 2008

Frizzy hair

We are all settled in and the interior of Artemo is organized! It is really HOT, constant sweaty faces and frizzy hair. We haven't been doing a lot of actual cooking but last night we had a nice meal together at our table. Corn, soup, pita's and salad! Yum.

So we found another surprise on deck. We started caulking some of the leaking seams and as we dug out the old caulking on one seam from the mast we found.......you guessed it...more dry rot. Soooo Graham is heading to the wood working guys today and having a doubler made. We just do not have the time to undertake a project like redoing the entire deck and coach roof, so we will make it work, damn it!

The kids have been right in there helping and scraping. Yesterday we all got the hose out and found all of the leaks. Today we will continue caulking and clean the teak. Who knew it could get so pretty with a little cleaner and elbow grease.
We made our first trip to a nice little secluded beach in our dinghy. Fun. The kids have also been practicing in the pool for their snorkelling trips. Enjoy the day.


  1. Hi all
    I guess dry rot happens on a boat, you will handle it. You guys can do anything, the adventure continues. Indian Jones style chase and all. Hope there are no scorpions. (I just saw the movie). Miss you lots, keep the blog going and more videos please.
    Earl says Hi.

  2. Alex
    In the fifth game of the stanley cup, Pittsburgh is leading 2-0. So far Detroit has 3 games and Pittsburgh one. So if Detroit wins they get the cup. Too bad there are not Albertian teams playing. Who are you pulling for? Can you listen to the games?


  3. Ha, that's too funny. I was just wondering what you were going to be doing with yours and Millie's hair. I guess you're just going for the frizzy look..... LOL

    Hey, approx when are you planning on being in Australia?

  4. Alex and Graham walked over to the outdoor pub last night and watched the game. Alex was dying for some hockey Earl! To funny that you mentioned it. Annie, we are planning for Australia in Feb or March of 2010. Mom, no scorpions that I have seen. Lots of mosquitos...looks like we all have the chicken pox. Miss you...oh and we are targeting "Casting Off" tomorrow!!!!