June 03, 2008

The Lazy day - Alex

Wll, yesterday I did not do much, but i will give you the basic recap. We had these guys cuming over too put new lines(ropes for our sails) on our boat, so they did that and at the same time my dad had a guy for the engine and a guy for the leaks over.

The past few days I've been reading loads of books I've read 5 books. Two of them were under 24 hours. Also we went to the pool because of all the comotion. When we looked back at our boat a guy was climbing up the mast. It looked pretty amazing.

So finally once most of the people had left, my mom and I have been cleaning the teak decks on our boat it looked great.

A little later my dad and I went over too the bar too watch the hockey game, Pittsburgh Penguins won!!!!!!!
Thats all
miss you guys


  1. Glad you got to watch the hockey game Alex!

  2. Hey Alex and Perry Family!
    We here in TO wish you the very best. See you soon.


  3. Hey Alex, I stayed up and watched the entire hockey game too! I am glad the penguins won as well. I hope they can win game 6 and then game 7 is anyones game!

    I think the nba and nhl will be over by the time you get back but maybe we can catch a jays game.

    -uncle rob

  4. Alex you better cross your fingers for the next game, to make sure that there is a seventh game. Then the penquins will have a chance to WIN! Glad you got to watch the game, doesn't sound like too lazy a day.
    Glad you are enjoying books. I am looking forward to reading when we are at the cottage.
    Grampa Earl and Nanny Donna