June 12, 2008

Hey everyone

I'm going to tell about how living on our boat is fun and sometimes it's not. So here it goes...

Sleeping on the boat is strange because you are always moving around side to side. I usually wake up with sea sickness. After a day's voyage and you just step on land it feels like the earth is spinning. While we were sailing to the end of St.Vincent we were not having good weather.... TRENCHAL DOWNPOURS!!!!!

The dry rot on our boat is going too eventually get fixed but not in till we reach Grenada, the place that we are leaving to Canada. Today we found a dead flying fish on our boat. That was a mini one but the ones that I saw while we were sailing were huge

At night when we are sleeping we almost always have the windows and hatches open but when it rains we have to close all the hatches. That takes a long time.

Well there's my blog

Miss you all Alexander Miles Perry


  1. Alex I must say you lead an interesting life. Not many little boys get to experience flying fish and sea sickness. Carley asked me if you felt as if you were still on the water after you were on land. I will have to tell her. That must feel weird after being in motion all day and night. You willhave lots of tales when you get back to Ontario. Have you started counting the days yet? Will you reach Granada in time for your flight back? How many days will it take you? Were you scared when you had the trenchal downpour?
    Stay safe and see you all soon.

  2. Thanks for another cool blog Alex.

    Is it hard to read while the boat is moving? Just curious.

    Zac started playing runescape and he is addicted now too....

  3. Alex, sounds so exciting. Do you roll around on the bed when you are sleeping? Have you ever fallen out? Has a wave ever come in the Port hole where you are sleeping? Us Land lubber need to know these things..Can you eat flying fish? Have you ate any fish that you caught?
    Can't wait to see you and ask everything.
    Nanny Donna

  4. Hey Alex - looking forward to seeing you in a few days so you and Millie can tell us all about it and we can compare our experiences. It is weird after you get on land to still feel like you are at sea eh? You are all handling this journey like old tars (that's a salty old sailor)
    Lots of Love
    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl

  5. I can still remember what it felt like to finally walk on land after being days on the open Ocean.It is a weird feeling and it does feel like the ground under your feet is moving.Allan was only 2 years old when we sailed home from germany and he walked as though he were still on the ship for days.Too bad you didn't get a close-up shot of the flying fish though. I looked them up on-line and they are really "leaping" fish :)I am glad you are enjoying the new experiences and I hope you are both keeping a journal ,of sorts,on your day to day adventures.One thing I did while in Europe ,was to collect autographs from every country we visited and asked them to write in their own Language and to sign where they were from. Most people love to do this and I also got photos of many of them. I will show you sometime as I finally found my three autograph books hidden in the crawl space to show my friend from England who will be here this week sometime.She was a friend of mine when I was in Soest Germany 49 years ago. I was 12-14yrs. old then.Keep the videos and blogs coming as I look forward, every day, to logging in and seeing what you guys are up to :) gail

  6. hmmm, quite the video, I must say you are all making good progress to Grenada.

    See you soon