June 04, 2008

Just about to Cast Off!!!

Ok, only time for a quick but exciting note. We got the sails on yesterday. They all look great. Graham and I got the Dodger on and we rigged up a temporary bimini. So......we are just about to leave the dock. Ok, in about an hour.

We have all our groceries or provisions if you prefer. Tons of vegetarian meals so Amelia will be happy and loads of water. Oh, and lots of booze! ha.

Graham is just doing some last minute caulking and the kids are beggin to go. Have to say, I am more than a little nervous! AHHHHHHH. just getting off the dock at this point seems like a feat and then docking at the fuel station and then sailing!!!!!

We are going to anchor tonight out in the bay and then we will head out early, early, early tomorrow morning for Guadeloupe!

Ok, can you tell I am excited. I am hoping that Graham gets ahold of a friend named Rick, to see if he wants to come out with us today...but as of yet no word. It might be best for us just to do this one on our own and get over my fear.

Well, can't wait to tell you all how it went.



  1. Our thoughts are with you, best of luck.
    Jeremy and Vanessa

  2. you guys will do just fine, i look forward to your post from Guadeloupe...

  3. Yay! You guys will do great.
    Happy sailing!

  4. Rebecca, Sam and JulianaJune 4, 2008 at 10:58 AM

    Yippee!! Have fun!

  5. Hey Perrys. We have been wondering how long the days are there. Our official times for sunrise and sunset in Calgary for June 4th are 5:24am and 9:45pm. Please tell us yours.

  6. i am soooo excited for you guys!!! take care, safe travels... :0)

  7. We're all watch you back here at Whitney, etc. and hoping for a safe journey.


  8. hey alex, hope u have a nice trip and hope we can keep in touch!