June 05, 2008

Exciting first sail alone as a family on Artemo!!

Here is what Amelia wrote today, as we were sailing through a squall:

A family of four had set off on a life changing event. A three year voyage around the world. Two kids and two adults. Amelia was a 9 year old little girl and she had a big sense of fashion. Alex was 11 and big on the computer games. On their second week living on the boat they set off to English Harbour, Antigua.

From there they would anchor for the night and go to Grenada in a couple of days. While they were going to English Harbour they hit a squall.

'Graham ease the main, we are healing to much' said Julie. Right then they sent the kids below and then the rain started. 'Daddy please close the hatch door, I am getting wet' said Amelia. 'Sure but pass me the wood slates so I can put them in place' said Dad.

'Alex are you scared' said Amelia. 'NO!' said Alex. 'I am' said Amelia.

Meanwhile in the cockpit, Graham was stearing and Julie was sitting there looking scared but after a while she got use to it.

Finally the rain stopped and the kids joined them on deck.


  1. The first sail is always scary and exciting at the same time. Be proud that you made it through and were able to deal with everything that was thrown at you. We know as you get more trips under your belts that you will realize you do have the skills needed and sailing will become as enjoyable for you as it is for us.
    Lots of love. Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl

  2. Amelia
    I loved reading your blog. Great adventure for all of you. Treasure every moment and continue to share it with us. Next video could you both talk a little more normal, I would like that. I had some excitment I rode my bike to work and Lily and I were chased by a big dog. Yours sound better.
    Enjoy Nanny Donna

  3. A great start to your novel there millird!

    -Rob & Jen