June 09, 2008

The Les Saintes islands awesome sea animals!!!! by Amelia

The last few days have been full of sea creatures!!!!From jellyfish to manti....sea ertions ,puffer, fish,jellyfish babys.+an octopus ,cool fish and a eel!!!!!!!!! The octopus was really cool it was the first time I ever saw one!!!and the first time I saw an eel!!! It was so big. This last time I went snorkeling was the best time I ever had. The fish there were so cool, all pinks, blues and browns and every other color. The water was beautiful. So clear and so nice. It was like bathtub water. The Saintes is probably going to be one of my favorite places. The town is so nice and the people here are friendly. We still have to speak French but it is good practice for us. Someone asked what Where is is in French and I said Oues't. I like having to learn French. When we were parking our dinghy at the dinghy dock, I looked over and said Mom what are all those black things and I looked and there were millions and millions of sea ertions. They are black and some are white. The black ones were hooked on to rocks and were more poisonous than the white ones. The white ones can hook onto sand and grass and they aren't as poisonous. It is so nice in the Les Saintes but we are leaving tomorrow. I really want to see dolphins and a whale maybe to. I have already seen two turtles but we saw lots of those in Hawaii.

Sail Girl - Amelia


  1. Amelia, I love your descriptions, it sounds amazing. Take lots and lots of pictures. You are so lucky to see a real octopus! Miss you lots hope you get to Grenada soon. Send pictures of St. Vincents, it is Father Mike's spot.
    Love you, Can't wait for the cottage and seeing you guys.
    Nanny Donna

  2. Rebecca, Sam and JulianaJune 10, 2008 at 6:53 AM

    Amelia, what wonderful adventures you are having! And you describe them so beautifully! we miss you, but we're glad you're having fun!

  3. hi Amelia
    It's so interesting to read about your travels. It reminds me of the Cook islands when Papa & I went snorkling there. You are so lucky to be visiting all those neat places. Papa & I are really looking forward to hearing about the next portion of the trip. Have fun and we will see you in July.

    Love Nanny Judith.

  4. snorkeling sounds like so much fun!! I think I may try it in Alaska this summer.
    Can't wait to see you at the cabin.