October 31, 2010

Up Up and Away

By: Amelia Perry

Today was the day I went Spinnaker flying. I was on the beautiful blue hulled boat named Mojo. My friends Mia and Enya and I came into the white cockpit and their parents Undean and Sven said, "We are going spinnaker flying". After the whoops and hurray's we ran downstairs to put our bathing suits on (or as they call them our costumes). Before we knew it the spinnaker was out of the bag and was hanging in a sock from the top of the mast to the bottom. A sock basically looks like a body bag that's white and can fit a whole sail comfortably.

Mia was the first to go. Mia jumped into the water and waited til Sven pulled up on the sock and let the spinnaker roam free. It was huge and beautiful, purple, blue and white. Wow! Mia grabbed hold of the ropes attached to it and planted her bum on the loop made out of rope and off she went, higher and higher and higher. She went up, up and away.

While the wind filled her sail Undean from the cockpit adjusted it with ropes. Next it was my turn. It was glorious, glorious, amazing, superb and great. The wind whistled through my hair beautifully but soon enough Sven said, "Jump" and I had to barrel down into the deep blue sea.


  1. That sounds like so much fun Millie. I'm jealous.

  2. I think I'd be too scared to do that! Speaking of being scared, Happy Halloween to all the Perrys!

  3. Nice to see you adding a blogg of your own on here Millie. You did a fantastic job I could just picture you flying high above the water. It sounds like you have made some nice friends as well. I am with Chantelle on this one though I would be to scared to jump into the deep blue sea in fear of something biting me. Like maybe one of those big fish alex keeps catching.

    Did you have a nice birthday? How old are you now? You look as if you have really gotten taller in the last pictures.

    Make sure you write again its nice hearing from you. Trese