October 31, 2010

My Own Little Bubble

By: Alex

About a week ago we snorkeled a sunken Korean fishing vessel. Although it didn't look like much the swim through's were perfect for beginners and advanced divers.

The vessel was about 40 feet long and was very old and rusted. There were three square hatches in the boat that were lined with vibrant plate coral. These square holes were perfect swim through's.

Although the swim through's were frowned upon by my parents, for those few seconds in the hull of the boat the whole world disappeared.

In that moment I was in my own little bubble. The gloom of the boat and the beautiful coral made me realize it doesn't get much better than this.


  1. That sounds so neat! I can't imagine actually swimming through a sunken ship! Was it scary?

  2. That sounds so awesome. I love watching shows on TV that show people exploring sunken ships. YOur so lucky!!! <3

  3. It sounds a bit terrifying. You are quite the diver now arent you?
    What else did the old sunken ship have in it? Or was in hollowed out?
    what an adventure! Trese