October 31, 2010

Great Mango Harvest

By: Alex Perry

Today was the great mango harvest. My Dad and I went to go check out the mango tree's, with their long skinny green leaves. We noticed that our giant boat hook would work best to get the mangoes out of their natural habitat and onto our boat. We left back to our boat to grab the necessary tools and to get ready for lunch with a family we had met on the island. The family owns the best store on this 1km square island.

We arrived at the slowly decaying concrete wharf at precisely 2 pm. The feast the family had prepared was amazing. The chicken we had tasted like chicken wings from home and the bright ruby red lobster with moms delicious garlic butter sauce was absolutely delicious.

After the feasting was done I took the more than enthusiastic local kids for a high speed dinghy ride. In return they were to help me climb the great mango tree.

When we reached the tree the first attempt at getting mangoes was a success. We flung sticks at the hanging mangoes. The mangoes started falling like rain. Then when the mangoes were out of sight we started to climb.

Surprisingly this was the moment mom chose to appear. This moment is also when one of the boys was at the most precarious spot. As the mangoes fell some of the girls who were putting them in our giant black basin were so close to being hit it wasn't funny.

By the end of the harvest the giant basin was full and we will be eating mangoes forever or until the New Zealand coast guard takes them.


  1. Have a safe trip to New Zealand. Glad you'll have plenty of mangos to eat along the way :)

  2. Mmmm...fresh mangoes!

    You are an amazingly descriptive writer - keep it up!

  3. Alex I know how much you love Mangos so I know you'll be in your glory having so many at your fingers tips. It also sounds as if you were able to get yourself some help in fetching all those mangos.
    Good thinking on your part taking the kids for a fast dingy ride. Hope your voyage to New Zealand is a safe one. Trese