October 31, 2010

No Lobster

By: Alex

Yesterday my Dad and I set out to go Lobster hunting at night. The moon was almost at its fullest and there were no clouds in the sky.

We went to go pick up the crew from the sailing vessel Shannon. Shannon is a boat made in Taiwan which produces some of the best cruising boats in the world. She is a slightly green and blonde boat. We were invited aboard and we said, "yes". It was a little small for all of us in the cockpit. Jackster on an Amel boat contacted us on the radio. They said our guide didn't show up so we decided to go on our own anyway.

On our was to find lobster we stopped at Jackster. They were a very nice couple on an amazing boat. Jackie lent me her powerful underwater torch. We said our thanks and headed off to the unknown.

On our way to the final destination we went over some shallow bits and some waves until finally we reached a spot that looked good. I hurried to set up the fortress anchor. At one point I lost a piece and the color drained from my face. Luckily we found it. With the anchor together we were ready to go! A shot of fear and adrenaline went through my body. A lot of "What if's" went through my head and then I just JUMPED IN!

The water temperature was almost as warm as bath water. The visibility wasn't good, with lots of seaweed. We went over some breaking waves than into a beautiful coral garden but no lobster.

As we were swimming along in that murky water we came across a plastic dinghy, just sitting anchored out there. Nobody was in the dinghy. An unsolved mystery in the middle of Tonga.

Dad and I swam against a heavy current to get back to our crappy inflatable dinghy. We saw a large porcupine fish on the way back but unfortunately NO LOBSTER!


  1. How do you lobster hunt? Do you just find them and pick the up with your bare hands hoping they don't pinch you?

  2. Lobster hunting? That sounds interesting :) Sorry you didn't find any, but the porcupine fish sounds cool.

  3. Hey Alex good blogg. It must be fun setting out in the dark to go lobster hunting.It sounds like you may have had a little fear though before you jumped in. Cant say as I blame you. Who knows what was in that murky water ...yikees. a feast of lobster would have been a real treat I am sure. Maybe next time. Did you spear the porcupine fish or are they not good to eat?

    stay safe and better luck with the lobster next time. Trese