August 17, 2010

Summer Days

You know those summer days where the sky is clear blue and the air smells fresh. The sun heats your skin til it is warm to the touch but there is enough of a light breeze to keep you from getting sweaty. I am talking pure perfection for a day. That was today for us.

At about 9am this morning we called Tahiti Port Control and got the go ahead to depart the island and away we sailed. It has only been three weeks but it feels like so long since we have sailed. It felt so good to raise the main and shake out the Genoa and finally cut the engine. Beautiful, peaceful, wonderful sailing. Artemo was leaned over just enough to cut through the French Polynesian waters like she was dancing. I kept wishing my family (the 4 present excluded :-)) could be here to experience the moments like these with me. I miss them. Every perfect day requires dolphins and this day delivered.

We all watched as Tahiti got smaller behind us and the island of Moorea became clearer. I love that we all still get really excited about a new place. We all were up on deck pointing and ooohing and awwwwing as the most beautiful island unfolded before us.

As we came in the pass for the island a boat that we had met in Panama radio'd us and gave us the skinny on the anchorage. They let us know that there was enough room for us in the beautiful crystal clear anchorage to our port side. They said it was shallow but that the sun was just perfect that we would be able to avoid any reef as we came in.

Each day is a new experience and truth be told we tend to avoid anything shallow in Artemo or anything not considered "easy" when anchoring. Well I am so happy that we just went with his advice on this one. We came in and I watched as our depth indicator went from 15 all the way to 1.3 meters....We have never been quite sure if it was below the keel or from the surface of the water...well now we know it is below the keel. Graham is able to stand on the ocean floor below our boat and the keel of our boat starts at his shoulders! Of course being Graham his first thoughts are that he is going to be able to clean the hull really well. ha.

The water is sooooo clear it is insane. Once we were anchored Alex dove the anchored and assured me we weren't sitting on the ocean floor and then it was time for a family swim. Once we were all dried off and enjoying the view I checked for wifi and since it is the perfect internet! Totally crazy. It is gone now but it was good while it lasted.

.....and now as the sun has set and the happy hour drinks have been drunk might ask what we are doing onboard our little Canadian home.....watching Ferris Buellers Day off of course!


  1. Bueller? Bueller?
    Love that movie. The ultimate homeschooler's movie, don't you think?

    Sounds like absolute paradise in the south pacific. Hope the wifi comes back :-)

  2. I had a day like that today at the falls, the perfect day. I also love happy hour. Nice to chat hope the wifi stays.

  3. so you decided to watch that before or after the Broderick sighting??
    too funny!
    Those waters look amazing!!!!

  4. before!! crazy eh