August 13, 2010

Pull Me Up

Yesterday Alex and I went into the marina with the dinghy to do the check-out for Tahiti. When we arrived at the dinghy dock I climbed forward and had to climb into another dinghy and then onto the dock to tie us off. As I am leaned over tying off I see out of the corner of my eye.....Alex's shoe fly over my head and across the dock and into the water on the other side.

Well, here I must pause and tell you that shoes are like gold in Tahiti. Everything here is so expensive. It is really unbelieveable. So with this in mind I realize that I must rescue the shoe.....

On the other side of the dock is a big power boat. I put one arm on the boat and one arm on the dock and try and just lower myself down and hook the croc with my foot. Bad plan.....I can't hold my body weight up (I had hurt my arm the week before) and I sink into the yucky marina water up to my waste and manage to hold myself there. I look over at this point and Alex is still sitting in the dinghy with his mouth wide open in shock. I ask him....ok I yell at him, to get the heck over here and help me out of the water.

The dock is covered in coral and urchins and I really don't want to have to swim out around the power boat and back over to the dinghy. Yuck. He finally gets over to me and I manage to hook his shoe enough to move it closer to the dock for him to grab with his foot and then I tell him he has to pull me up with my one good arm. I struck the fear of god in him and told him that if he let me go....there would be heck to pay. He managed to pull me up. Amazing what a little fear of mother can do.

I asked him as I stood sopping wet and angry, what the heck he was thinking flinging his shoe? Didn't he consider the consequence? That it might fly over the other side....His reply was, "It entered my head for a second but then it was gone".

At this point all that was left to do was to......LAUGH. OMG...we laughed. It was pretty funny. We put on quite a show for everyone. I am now waiting for the absolute perfect moment to toss him day will come and it is going to be soooooo sweet.

ps....We are checked out of Tahiti and hope to leave on Saturday (weather permitting). We just had the perfect evening onboard Artemo with our friends from AKKA and Quest. Home made carmel corn, brandy nut brie, baquette, hummus, meats, olives, cheese, banana muffins.....rum I love happy hour/evening....


  1. Ba Ha ha ha. Pretty funny post. Next time just let Alex retrieve it!


  2. The Acreage - Fort MacleodAugust 17, 2010 at 10:02 AM

    I put my comment for this blog in the running man blog in case you were wondering what that one was about