August 17, 2010

Artemo Admirer


This morning we had a fellow row up to Artemo and tell us how much he was admiring her. We had a nice chat and as he was leaving he said..."Don't forget these are the good ol' days". He rowed back to his boat without even realizing how much his one sentence had affected me. There I stood yet again with tears in my eyes, realizing how right he was. Before I know it Amelia and Alex will have families of their own and Graham and I will be talking about the good ol' days. I am going to squeeze as much as I can out of these years with them.

Today will be a day we speak of for years to come. After our chat with the Artemo admirer we headed off for a hike up the mountain to a look out point where the guide book promised a view of the two bays. Of course we did the day up Perry style and spent a grand total of zero dollars. We hiked in the hot sun up the mountain. At about the half way mark we found a beautiful trail that was sheltered from the sun and ran up alongside a creek. It was beautiful. We were all pretty hot and tired but finally the trail opened up to the amazing lookout.

Once we had taken our panoramic shots we got out our apples and just soaked in the view. At this point a man and woman join us at the look out and we began to chat with them. They were interested in our adventures thus far. As we were talking I realized that the woman was ....Sarah Jessica Parker! At about this time up walks Anderson Cooper. Alex recognizes Anderson and asks him straight away...."Are you the fellow from CNN?"....He answers yes and introduces himself to all of us and shakes our hands. Meanwhile Amelia is chatting away to Sarah and asking her where she is from and what her name is and telling her that she looks familiar! Too funny. They were really nice to us and I think we played it fairly cool. We didn't take any pictures and didn't even think to ask for an autograph. We were totally star struck though. We met a couple other ladies on the hill top who were super nice. They ended up giving us a drive back down. Turns out they are from New Zealand and live near the bay we will be staying at. We exchanged emails and contact info.

Once we were back at Artemo we had our lunch and then got ready for our afternoon excursion. We had heard that there was a place just around the bay where you could snorkel with rays and black tip reef sharks. We took our dinghy out and around and off in the distance we could see a couple of boats tied to mooring balls. Amelia was saying the whole way there...."Wouldn't it be cool to see Sarah again?"....Well sure enough we drive up and there they are all in the water, including Mathew Broedrick!!! So strange that just last night we watched Ferris Buellers day off! Anyway...there we swam and stood in crystal clear water with Anderson and Mathew....petting rays and watching sharks swim around our legs.....WAY COOL!!! Sarah stayed in the dinghy but she was really nice and said hello again to all of us. Amelia was dying to invite them all over for happy hour.

Tonight the kids went for a night time swim. The water is so clear that the light from the stars and moon is enough for us to see clear to the bottom. As I was watching them yell at each other in the moon lit water I thought to myself......these ARE the good ol' days.


  1. Wow you guys certainly are having one adventure after another. I just logged on after 3 weeks and it just keeps getting better. Great blogg!

  2. The Acreage - Fort MacleodAugust 17, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    Sarah Jessica is likely - as we speak - writing in her blog to the folks back home about meeting the Perrys on Artemo!!!!
    Dad and Cheryl

  3. Thank god you didn't kiss their ass because you just can't respect someone who kisses your ass.

  4. I am in awe of you. To meet "Sarah Jessica Parker" who I have spent so many long Alberta nights watching on TV that I almost feel I know her or at least her character so well (Sex and the City). These indeed are the 'Good old days', to be able to spend day after day with Graham and the kids, thats the stuff "Good" is made of. Enjoy the present and cry if you feel like it. I do.

  5. Pretty amazing day! Great post.

  6. Wow...great vacation you are having!

    Was anyone else with Sarah, Matthew and Anderson? Andy Cohen, president of BRAVO, has tweeted that he is there also. He tweeted about swimming with the rays just the other day.

  7. What was the marina or where did you drop anchor in Moorea?

  8. Way cool!! What an awesome experience - people are people, but I would have been star struck too!


  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!