August 22, 2010

Somebody Pinch Me

We arrived in Bora Bora a couple days ago after a beautiful overnight downwind sail from Moorea. The island is surrounded by an underwater reef and has one opening that you enter through. We came in through the pass and headed to a gorgeous anchorage in between two smaller islands. The water is everything I have ever dreamed of. The view is like those screen savers you see back home......clear clear clear blue water leading off to the breakwaters at the reef surrounding the island. Last night we had a spectacular sunset. It was so much like a painting that cruisers were calling out on the vhf letting everyone know to get up on deck and see. The sky was red and wispy and I just couldn't believe how beautiful. My stew was cooking down below so I headed back down to check on it. When I looked back up out the window our boat had swung so I was looking directly at the show. I screamed out, "Somebody pinch me!!! Can you believe the view from our window??". Sometimes it just shocks me where we are. I took a few pictures but they just don't do it justice.

We have all been really winding down. This pace of life suits me real well :-)! We spend our days visiting with friends, swimming, enjoying the beach, snorkeling, reading (can you believe it!), cooking and playing games. There is a boat anchored right next to us named Mojo and they have 2 girls on board. Amelia is happy since she has been missing the Gromits. She has had two nights of sleep overs and is loving life. Alex seems happy to have our full attention. He took Graham and I down yesterday in a rowdy game of RISK. He told us a story of being at his Uncle Robs for a sleep over and how Uncle Rob and Uncle Jason and a bunch of friends were playing Risk and it seemed pretty serious. I had to laugh...I love these stories from home. I can just imagine Jay and Rob not talking for weeks after. Man I miss you guys.

I made chocolate gooeys yesterday. They are a family tradition. It is moments like these that seem so strange out here. Here we are in Bora Bora but we can still have our Canadian moments right here on board. Annie the kids said that they were almost as good as yours. You would of been proud! Again though it made me miss you and wish that I could share this adventure first hand with all of you. Next time we cross the South Pacific you all HAVE to visit!! Graham and I will have to figure airfare for every family member into our cruising budget!

Ok, back to Bora Bora. The island has a really cool mountain on it that is begging us to climb it. We heard that you can do it in a day so tomorrow this is our plan. We are going to get up early and get a birds eye view of this island. The other thing we want to do is bike around the entire island. I guess it is 32 k around, so it is totally doable.

This morning we changed anchorages and I know it will be hard to believe but it seems even more beautiful than the last one. It is going to be hard not to get stuck here. The original plan was to push onto the Cook Islands (Palmerston) on the 23rd but I just don't think that is going to happen :-).

ps....Everyone has been asking...."Where are the Gromits?"....They are still enjoying Papeete and having a ton of really cool adventures that we can't wait to hear about. We hope to have a joyful reunion with them here in Bora Bora before we head out to the Cooks...fingers crossed...We miss them!


  1. It sounds so beautiful there that I checked on ticket prices. You are so lucky, enjoy every moment.

  2. sounds pretty nice. we were just talking about RISK at Ann's yesterday

  3. The Acreage - Fort MacleodAugust 24, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    Keep on keeping on. Sounds like you and G are making retirement plans already to go back for a good long time. If we're am still around and you need crew........never too old you know

  4. I remember that risk game. Jason was controlling serge's risk strategy like a puppet master. It was strange how Jason kept explaining to serge how attacking rob was his best and only option. In the end serge attacked me for the whole game make both him and I ridiculously weak and ripe for Jason to come in and wipe us both out. Serge still finished the game confident in his decisions ironically ;)

    The night ended with the three of us agreeing not to play risk anymore times