August 29, 2010

Bag Pipes

Well we had explored the island, swam at the beach, enjoyed amazing sunsets and underwater adventures.....all that was left to do was......HAVE A TOGA PARTY! We met up again with our friends Louis and Julie on Simpatica and at the same anchorage we had new friends on Mojo and Ceol Mor. Louis got in party mode and decided it was time to have a big potluck party on Simpatica. Of course parties are even more fun when there is a costume required, so he made it "Toga Required"!

In the morning all the ladies got together for tea to discuss the details but in actuality we just totally enjoyed each others company with no men and no kids.....a morning tea turned into hours of laughing, crying and talking.

Once back at each of our boats we all prepared our dishes to bring. The kids all got together and made the deserts for the evening. I pulled out old material and made up toga's for the boys. Amelia had a few wraps that both her and I were able to use. I even popped in my contacts and brushed my hair for the occasion. Felt good to feel pretty again.

The party was so much fun. The food was awesome. Julie and Louis ooze fun, so they had the samba music going and got out their big drum and shakers. They put themselves out there and aren't embarrassed about it. I love it. They were dancing all around putting all of us rigid cruisers to shame.

The party moved to the front deck where the girls serenaded us with a little Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Amelia then told everyone that she had a song she had written and there in the moonlight she stood on the front of the deck and beautifully sang her sailing song....."Anchors up were ready to go now. Sails are up, we off on our own now. Nothings left but you and me and the sea....eee....eeee...." It was so wonderful. I was a proud mama.

The boys tumbled around on the big trampoline at the front of the boat. Jim the dad on Ceol Mor brought over his bag pipes...Yup...bag pipes and played us all a few incredible! Here we are in Bora Bora listening to a live bag pipe show. Way cool. Alex went and grabbed his guitar and got in on the musical fun.

The kids love evenings like these. They love being included in the fun and even having the spotlight on them. Julie's kids are grown but she got in on the proud mama fun and showed us all a video of her 2 son's graffiti art. The music video shows them constructing this huge paneled wall of graffiti. The video is basically sped up pictures of their progress. The final product was so amazing. She said that the museum in Sydney put the art on display and had a showing of it. At the end of the showing....the boys came in and took a can of white paint and white washed the art to make a point. I got goose bumps as she told the story. Anyone who would of watched them paint over this beautiful piece of art would of got the point. She then put on her other sons music cd and we enjoyed listening to his band. Needless to say she wore her pride on her sleeve.

None of us wanted the evening to end but all good things must come to an end. I can't wait for you all to see the pictures. Can any of you imagine Graham in a Toga??? ha Might be a while before we get internet though. Today we have left Bora Bora with ZERO wind and we are headed to the next teeny tiny French Poly island named Maupiti only 27 nms away. We will explore this island until we have some wind to sail for Palmerston. Simpatica left today from a different anchorage and with any luck we will meet up with them again at Maupiti later today!


  1. After reading this blogg I have to say your life definitely is NOT boring. The toga party sounded like a lot of fun. Also the morning tea party with the ladies. Bora Bora is one place you wont forget. Look forward to reading your next blogg.