March 02, 2010

Bikini Stains

Well here I sit in the cockpit watching Martha, Tara and Kayvon get back onto their little tiny plane to head home. Our vacation has come to an end. I am surprised how much easier life was with the 3 of them on board. The kids were so happy and it was really nice to have an extra set of hands on board to help out. We are all really going to miss them. They were the perfect boat guests.

We all liked to hear what they thought of our life on a boat. I remember Kayvon said one day, "Is this what your life is like every day?". I was so happy for the kids to hear that and know that they haven't got it to bad!

They were all unbelievable great about their water and electricity consumption. They were totally cool with ocean baths with our sea savon soap and Martha learned how to do the dishes with a very, very, very tiny amount of water and even managed to convince us that she didn't mind!

Everyone stubbed their toes and got a few bruises from maneuvering around but nothing out of the ordinary. Millie noticed today as we were waiting for their plane that Tara had major tan lines from all the sun they had gotten. She says..."Holy! Look at your bikini stains!" Too funny. I guess that will be Tara's reminder of her time here for a few weeks.

I guess highlights for me would be the fire on the beach, hearing everyone's stories of snorkeling with the sting rays, pulling up at a new island and seeing everyone's faces, and seeing everyone enjoy the high high high...HIGH-LIGHTS.

We now are looking forward to March 11th, when our friends Chris and Jeremy arrive at the Panama for our adventures through the canal. Life is pretty good.

....Thank You Martha, Kayvon and Tara for a week we will never forget. You made the San Blas even more special for us. Oh and thank you for lugging all our boat parts and various odds and ends from Toronto down to us. Mucho Gracias!!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit, I love reading your blog. First thing I do when I get home. Glad that you are getting more company and help with the canal.

  2. Sounds like a perfect visit. FYI: I plan on taking regular showers when I visit ;)


  3. Holy it seems like they just got there and now they are gone. That is cute bikini stains. I can just imagine everyone must have wicked tans by now. So jealous!!! Have fun with your next bout of company.

  4. I can't believe these Perry's keep insisting on thanking US! We all agree that that was the most incredible vacation of our lives. I am so thankful for the opportunity to explore all of those uninhabited tropical islands with you - it was absolute paradise!! :)

    I posted a bunch of photos on facebook, and I tagged you all! I also altered my privacy settings for that album, so any friend of yours should be able to see them.

    Once again - thanks so much! We loved every minute!!


  5. Sounds wonderful - nice to have visitors to put some perspective on things. We will wait until you are in the South Pacific for our visit (working/crewing visit I hope)
    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl