March 26, 2010

The Pacific

We crossed under the Bridge of America's at 1 pm today and we have officially arrived in the glorious Pacific Ocean!! What a cool couple of days. The Panama Canal transit went great. I hope some of you got a chance to see us on the live web cam. The kids and I were waving HUGE Canada flags on the front of the boat. We were thinking of you.

Once we were anchored we had our first swim in the Pacific Ocean. It felt great. As I look around at the other boats in the anchorage and see them all rigged out for the crossing it is blatantly clear what we are about to embark on. It is close, so close! In a matter of a week or two we will be .....leaving! OMG. Maybe a twinge of that fear that I said had dissipated has returned :-) but I am still super excited. I think it is kind of like that feeling when you are riding a roller coaster and it is click, click, clicking upward to the top and you feel scared and excited all at once and the clicking noise (which would be all the other boats getting ready to go) adds to the intensity of it all. Then you reach the top and 'whooosh' down you go and you throw your hands in the air and you just go with it!

I may not throw my hands in the air but there is no stopping this roller coaster.


  1. Julie we saw you from a distance but then the web cam did a close up of your friends on the Gromit. We saw them clearly and their Canadian flag. the angle changed just as you came through and we didn't see you. It was still exciting. What an adventure!

  2. Fantastic - only thing - you should have rafted with Gromit.Still able to see you in the distance on the High-res camera though. I am excited and envious and miss being there with you
    Dad and Cheryl

  3. We watched you enter locks, same comments, camera angles did you no justice, Cathy seen your Canadian flag!!! Interesting watching the lock fill and empty.Keeping Nanny up to date on your progress.Good sailing. Pat and Cathy.

  4. Damn, I missed you guys go through. I am hoping Ann or Mom took a screen shot for me?!?

    I feel your excitement. Will your internet be just sail mail for the next month now?

  5. sigh, I missed it too:(
    I heard that your boat was there, although slightly tiny.
    Hope you like the Pacific, and I hope it treats you well.

  6. Hi There; I also saw you going through the canal at the beginning of it,I think. Then watched the next day at 1:00.I am sure the first one was Artemo,and so is Ron & it was so exciting to watch!! I hope you have a safe journey on the Pacific& am glad that Gromit is going to be along for the trip!Panama sure is a beautiful place and did you know Aunt Alice used to winter there every year til' she was in her early 90's.She was Grandpa Paquin's Sister & Mom's favorite Aunt too. She loved it there and made the trip alone,after her husband died,cause she knew so many people there.Hope your supplies hold out and it sure sounds like you have been doing a lot of work to prepare for the crossing .Stay safe & hope all your adventures are good ones...Gail