March 16, 2010

Quick Note from Panama

Hi Everyone! We are at the Panama Canal on the Caribbean Sea side. We are transiting through the canal today with another boat to get the knowledge of how it goes before we take Artemo through! I am in a huge rush but I wanted to post some pictures of our fun at San Blas. A couple of quick notes that I will write more about when we are back from our trip through tomorrow, Gromit made it safe and sound! Their boat looks amazing and we are all VERY happy to finally be together. Jeremy and Chris are back in Toronto. We had a perfect visit with them. They got a taste of lots of aspects of our life! They even had their own private dolphin show as we drank our morning cappuccinos, jumps and all! Absolutely amazing. Ok, I gotta run. Enjoy the pictures of San Blas and I will write of our adventures this past week very soon!


  1. Amazing pictures! Love the one of Millie under water :-)
    The pic of all the kids on their floaties reminded me of the cottage.

  2. Looks like the life :) Great pictures.

  3. I loved the pictures. It reminded me of survivor :)Cant wait for your blogg on the canal.

  4. Loved the pictures can't wait to see ones of the canal. I am trying to access the live pictures of the canal and hope to see you.

    love you lots, take care.

  5. GP is looking lean and mean already. You are probably working him too hard !

    Really missing you guys. Toronto just isn't the same without you. I am trying to schedule my trip out to french poly. Once you are through the canal will you be able to send me your dates for when you will be at each island?

    Jen says hi. Take care and call me when you have Internet!!!


  6. Note to visitors: At any given time the last two cans of beer on Artemo belong to GP.

  7. Cool Pictures. Some of those fish are really colourful. Why doesn't uncle Graham wear a shirt? He's just like Joe. LOL

    Katie and Sarah