February 28, 2010

Hello world this is Tara and Amelia!

The last few days have been a blast. Tara, Kayvon and Martha came down on the 23rd and from then on it has been fun fun fun. So we picked up those peeps and headed down to Greeeeeeeeeeeeen Island. When we got there we had a fan-tab-ulos time. We went over to the beach and had a huge star fish race!

We named the star fish Jimmy, Bobby, Timmy, Sophie and Julia. Jimmy and Julia were an item! Where ever one went the other went! Bobby ended up winning the race though. The next day we went to the cocooooooooooobandaras. We swam and had a big camp fire.

A few days later we went to the Holidays Cays. On our way to the Holidays Cays, we hit a pretty big storm. A lot of us got sea sick and had to lie down.

Amelia and I went down to another boat when we were giving away earrings. Then on the boat we met three really nice ladies. They told us about an amazing snorkeling place, so the next day that's where we headed. We took 2 trips there. The girls went first and the boys went second. I think the girls' trip was better. We saw 3 sting rays and a crab and a lobster. We even saw a neon fish.

When the boys got back, Kayvon had a huge sting on his knee. It was red and swollen, with little white dots. We looked up "coral stings" in a medical manual because that's what Kayvon thought he had. So we soaked his knee in vinegar and put ice on it. Soon enough the swelling went down. So now we sit here writing a blog. (Mom made us.)


  1. sounds like you are having a great time. We are too. Canada just won the Gold medal in Men's hockey, (woman's hockey also won a Gold). It was very exciting. 14 Gold Medals.

    Love your blog girls, sounds like you have the most snorkel fun.

  2. You girls did a great job on this blog. It sounds like a blast...wish I could enjoy some of that fun in the sun.