March 08, 2010


The last few days life has returned to normal. In the morning the kids do their school work, Graham fixes something and I help the kids, tidy and bake something. In the afternoon we go off to snorkel the reef. We usually call our friends on a boat called Siren's Song to come and play with us. They are 3 really cool ladies sailing together. Carol is the captain and Margie is her friend. Rixzene is on board as crew for a few weeks. They are the folks that we bought the Hooka off of in Cartagena. Rixzene is also the doctor who took a look at Alex when he got strep throat. Funny how our lives keep connecting.

It is so inspiring to meet women who are taking care of themselves. Self reliance in the true sense of the word....not like the 'Graham reliance' I tend to practice :-)! Rixzene's love of the underwater world fuels the kids on. It is definitely contagious. I can't wait to show you some of the photos. The reef at this anchorage reminds me of the reef that made me fall in love with snorkelling in Eqypt. It is deep, deep, deep on one side and a beautiful shelf of coral on the other. The fish are abundant and you can see some really cool things if you look hard enough, just like an easter egg hunt. The kids love to have me watch them and have them point out all these cool new friends.

Lady H came in to the anchorage yesterday to. We met Lady H in Blanquilla, Venezula when we buddy boated overnight with them to Los Roques. Joyce is a dive master and Paul is a real character. They made a hairy carry choppy overnight sail so much better. I remember every time I called Paul and Joyce on the vhf they were the voice of calm. Totally put everything in perspective. Joyce brought over a gift today for the kids, since she had heard they got their dive certification. She brought them a beautiful fish identifying book. I just can't help but think how lucky we are to have so many amazing people cross our paths.

(oh another interesting fact to throw in here to before I forget is that the other day we met this really cool lady out sailing on her boat and after we had spent a nice time with her enjoying a beer, we say good bye and Graham says, "Do you mind me asking what you do back home?" and she says that she is the co-author of the Unix System Administrator Textbook, currently on its 6th edition. I couldn't believe it. I remember owning this book in college! funny)

We have so much power right now it is so great. It brings me such pleasure to see the kids looking at how many amps we are using and what voltage the batteries are charged to. I love that they can see the direct correlation to the power they are using.

Today we finally got word of the most exciting news!!! Our friends who we met in 2006 on an off shore sailing course in Toronto and who bought their bought and renovated it in their driveway are ENROUTE TO PANAMA AND WILL ARRIVE ON FRIDAY!!!!! We have all planned, talked and dreamed about Gromit (their boats name) and Artemo sailing across the Pacific together since we met them and now this moment is so close. I am welling up (of course) as I type. Their story is so similar to ours. They have also had many trials and tribulations. I can't wait to journey with them. You will hear lots about Cornelia (mom), Mike (dad), Zoe (12 yr old daughter), Maia (10 yr old daughter), and Liam (7 yr old son) as we continue across the pacific. You can see the link to their blog on the links side of this page.

Our plans are to pick up Jeremy and Chris in Portobello, Panama on Friday. This will allows us to bring them on board for the night and then sail on Saturday for the final 4 hours to the entrance of the Panama Canal together. It will be so awesome to have this moment with them. Then once we dock Artemo, Gromit should be there waiting for us! Everyone think positive thoughts that Gromit's journey from Jamaica to Panama goes off without a hitch!!!

Well, we just finished a nice dinner of bean burritos and rice. The cupboards are looking pretty bare. Time to get moving. I need a grocery store. I am craving a double double and a chocolate dip donut!!! Think of me tomorrow in the Tims line up.

Miss you in San Blas



  1. I have gone onto Gromits sight quite frequently and read up on what they have been up to. That is so nice that you guys will all be able to sail together and look out for one another. I have my fingers crossed that their journey from Jamaica to Panama goes well. I have also been doingsome reading on the Kuna Indians. What a great history lesson for the kids. I seen the stitch work that you also talked about and purchased. They do such nice work. Stay safe Trese

  2. Was there any preparation for lady H's arrival??

  3. Zac your hilarious!And it seems you have your uncle Robs sense of humour.

  4. Funny - we ran into Lady H in a couple of places although we only spoke to them once. Although we didn't say it, we thought they anchored too close!!!!
    Funny eh?
    Dad and Cheryl

  5. I know what you mean. I practice Rob reliance too!

    Glad to hear all is well and you are having fun.