March 12, 2009

Life on the Dock

Graham and I decided that we would like to redo the floors inside the boat. Currently they are basically just covered plywood with this paper or laminate that has been well worn. We want to redo them in teak and holly. We decided that this would be better accomplished on the dock. We headed into Rodney Bay Marina here in St Lucia a couple of days ago and we have all been enjoying being able to step off the boat onto land whenever we please! The other great thing about being in the marina is that you are meeting people constantly. Our friends Ross, Wei and Ishbel are on the dock next door and we have met a few other cool Canadians. We are heading to a boat called Stray Kitty tonight. They are a family from Ottawa with 3 kids, who headed out in July last year and sold everything and are doing basically the same thing we are. They came over for drinks the other night and we had such a good time swapping stories and the kids got along good. Nice to know that everything we are going through, others are too! Last night we went for drinks at a boat named Aries, with a lady named Cheryl aboard. Cheryl is from Victoria and has an amazing beautiful Liberty boat. She brought up all the deck cushions onto her back deck and she spread out a bunch of food and munchies and we sat under the beautiful Caribbean sky and it felt like we were camping or on a picnic. Really nice! Oh and another neat thing is that her husband’s cousin is David Miller. We were saying how we all fell in love with Toronto and she mentioned how proud David was of the city!!! Too cool.
Ok, all fun and good times aside, we decided today that we better turn our minds away from rum punch and on to finishing our floors. First thing on the agenda is to find someone with the skills to cut the wood from the templates we provide. We will let you know how it all goes.

The kids are working like crazy on homeschooling and are timing their break for the week Uncle Jason arrives, so far they are on schedule!

Still missing you



  1. Wow I would have never thought there'd be so many people you'd be meeting that would be doing the same thing as you. It's just surprising how many stories you tell of meeting a family from Canada who is also sailing around the world. Very Neat.
    Who is this David Miller?
    Missing you too!

  2. Much easier to work in a marina - good move.
    See you in a couple of weeks

  3. Can't believe after all the work you've had to have done, you're taking on the floor. Good luck.

  4. Hi Perry Family

    It sounds like things are going better for you all. Julie, we thought about you at Jennifer's belated birthdy dinner.

    Thinking of you all.....your pals in Niagara.

    p.s. the car is still running great!!!!

  5. I think you guys just like to have a project going. Everything sounds great and I am sure you will have a wonderful visit with Uncle Jason. He is visiting me next weekend.
    Love you all

  6. love to read all this ! Glad to see you are well and enjoying your life .

  7. Call me when u have a land line Graham/Julie. Truck # 619-306-7230 - Geoff
    Hey kids would love to see u somewhere this fall . Tell me when?
    Tell me where ?
    love ya
    Uncle Geoff