March 04, 2009

Good bye Tobago Cays

As a finale to our Cays trip we pulled up anchor and headed out in front of the horseshoe shape reef and anchored for a few hours at Petite Tabac. This is the island in Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth are abandoned and they watch Jack's ship sail away. We danced on the beach and knocked on a few coconut trees. It was really awesome. The water was so clear. We took some amazing pictures that we will post once we have an internet connection.

We then headed to the island named Mayreau for the night. The anchorage was so calm and the water seemed like glass. We had our friend Joanne over for pizza night and it was the perfect evening, light breeze, clear sky, good food, wine and great conversation. It is so nice when we meet folks who can include the kids in the conversation and the hours pass like minutes.

The next morning, the kids, Graham and Joanne went for a snorkel and then we said our good byes and headed out for Bequia. The sail was good. I will toot my own horn for a minute. I sail Artemo really well!! We are of course always on a close haul but I seem to be able to find that sweet spot where she cuts through the water on the side of her belly and you can see her speed getting higher and higher. If I don't look at the gages and just feel the wind in my face and really get into it, I can increase
the speed substantially. It is really cool. It is like you become part of the boat. Once you throw big waves into the equation, it is like you are riding a horse or I guess what I imagine riding a horse would be. The helm is your reigns and you reach the top of the wave or jump and down you come. Sometimes you come down gently and sometimes you come down hard.

Today we headed out from Bequia to the main island of St Vincent, to a bay named Cumberland Bay. The sail was a mixture of high, medium and low winds. Alex loves to go fast. He is always asking or telling us to put out more sail, more sail, more sail! Today Graham and I gave into him and out went full sails in up to 25 knot winds and it was as if Artemo sang with pleasure. We got up to 9.5 knots. The faster we went the bigger Alex's smile got. I got hit with a huge wave and got a full on shower.
The kids enjoyed this. Luckily we had the companionway closed.

We arrived at Cumberland Bay and it looks like a lake. The water is so calm and very deep. We needed to backed into the shore and then these guys, called boat boys, take a rope from your boat to the trees on shore and tie you off and you have your anchor off the front end holding you in a line. It took us forever and much frustration to try and master this technique and of course with everything out here, there is always an audience! Graham is running between the anchor, the helm and the rope at
the rear of the boat and the rest of us are trying to help out where we could. It was quite a show I am sure! The Perry's had arrived.

We have been enjoying the afternoon. We paddled all around, swam and the kids have been fishing. Tomorrow we leave for St Lucia. We are all missing internet! Especially Alex. Amelia is busy, busy, doing many crafts with shells, knitting, crocheting and of course reading. As I type, Graham is making crepes and enjoying a rum punch. I can't wait to post some pictures. I will force the kids to write the next blog!

Still missin' you



  1. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the pictures. We got Millie's letter and sea shells today. Thank you Millie!

  2. Sounds like you are getting pretty comfy with sailing Artemo

  3. I loved the blog, Julie you have a way with words. I am sure the book will be a hit.