March 19, 2009

Karaoke in the Caribbean - by Alex

Last night was the real one. It was fun and enjoyable. Yesterday was karaoke night. They brought in a big system and they gave us a huge book of songs to chose from. It was really cool because we knew alot of them, so it was easy to pick. The evening started off with chatting with some friends and then I made a deal with Amelia. I told her that I would sing with her if she sang "Hit me with your best shot", by Pat Benatar. SHE DID IT and half way through, mom popped up and started singing with her and this was funny because the guy came up and turned on her microphone. Mom was really loud. That was the shocker. After that Amelia and I sang "Born to be wild". I was nervous and my legs actually started shaking, very weird.

When we were done we went for a swim in the pool, in the dark. It was nice and refreshing. We then went to our friends boat called "Aries" with Cheryl and Dave and had dinner there and played a game of scrabble. All in all it was a great night.

PS...we made it to the Pitons today. When we left the dock....things got a little crazy and we almost hit the dock, we may have nicked it. Thank goodness Dad was at the helm!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Sorry we missed your call today. It's nice weather here so we went for a walk along the river. We'll be home tomorrow afternoon after 4:00, so please call us back :)

  2. Porpoises are a beautiful thing.


  3. love the pics!
    ps. that was a different JT

  4. Alex - I think you and your sister have big "hams". I wonder where you got that - your Dad is pretty quiet
    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl
    PS nice to hear you on the Coconut Telegraph today Amelia

  5. Julie, I love your hair when it is pulled back like that.

    -Jennifer Fang

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day, Julie you look so beautiful. I'll bet the singing was amazing. I loved the video of the dolphins and it was so nice to see what it is like to be sailing.

  7. You guys sound so content. I love the pictures. Julie I agree with jen your hair really looks great. You should keep it that length and pulled back. Loved the dolphin clip as well ..they sure swim in big schools dont they. You guys arent going to want to come back to Ontario you will be so use to your sun and hot weather and swimming etc...

  8. Griff knows all about Big Hams..see the pig in his latest blogg??

  9. Okay........This one is hilarious and I had to go to Griff's blog to look for the pig. It was huge !!! Who is Anonymous ? It has to be a friend or one of his Family because they call him Griff. He did look like a nice pig though & well cared for.Until they want to eat him ,of course :( I do have to get reading all these blogs and look at the photos. I see there are lots of new ones since I was last here. The kids are doing so well in adjusting to the sailing life too.Loved the videos I have seen ,although there are still more for me to look at . Will do it eventually........Gail or AG ( Aunt Gail :)More like GAA ,which is what I would be saying if I were sailing (believe me )