March 18, 2009

If I had this boat, I would be happy every day of my life

The other day this St Lucian man named John came by. He does odd jobs around the marina for money. He is a really nice guy and knows that we won't be spending any money but he stops by and admires the boat every so often. I was down below in the kitchen when he stopped by and I could hear him talking to Graham. Graham was rebedding all of the stanchions around the boat. Pretty time consuming job but well worth it. Graham was saying the typical, how much work it was to have a boat, same ol' same ol' and then I heard John reply..."If I had this boat, I would be happy every day of my life."

It was like a light switch went on for me. It touched me so deeply, I can't get his comment out of my mind. Each time I think about it, I actually get tears in my eyes. Isn't it funny how it is all about perspective. I am lucky; I have everything I need. I don't want to be bitten by the "I want, I wish, I need" bug anymore. I am really really grateful and if any of you catch me complaining about anything on this boat, ever again, call me on it. Envy isn't a good thing and you so quickly lose sight of what you have.

In the mist of mulling this comment, over and over in my head. Alex had a homeschooling assignment yesterday to review a fable and write an observational paragraph. The fable he choose was about a family who felt their home was to crowded. They went to the Rabbi and asked his advice and over the course of a few weeks and a few visits, he instructed them to move their chickens, cows and goats into the house. As you can imagine the house was full, crazy and dirty. They went back to the Rabbi and he told them to take all the animals out of the house and clean it from top to bottom and come see him the next day. They came back the next day and they were so happy. The Rabbi asked them if the house still felt crowded and of course they said, "No, we have more than enough room!"

Alex was watching me read over the fable and watching the tears come to my eyes(I know I blubber to much) and then I told him and Millie about John's comment and how easy it was to get caught up with wanting more and not being happy with what you have.

As we sail around, we are going to meet some people with more and some people with less. I know that if it is challenging for me to go have dinner at a huge, beautiful catamaran ( and not have the occasional "I wish"...pop out of my mouth or have the neighbor offer to wash our laundry in his washing machine on his 65 foot brand new yacht and not think..."I need", then you can imagine how hard it is for the kids but the first step is the realization :-)!

I am a grateful, happy, satisfied, lucky woman!


  1. perspective is a beautiful thing

  2. Very deep and thoughtful and applies to everyone. I think is is Ok to wish for a few things as long as you are truly grateful for what you do have. Enjoy every moment you have there because before you know it you will be doing laundry in Rob's machine in Toronto.

  3. Reading this it strikes me that this can really apply to the people in our lives as well as the things in our lives. Thanks for the wake-up thoughts.
    Dad and Cheryl

  4. Oh yeah, she is satisfied all right and lucky too!


  5. Brians favorite saying is..Only an idiot is ever totally satisfied with what he has. So it is not uncommon to always want more out of life. However sometimes just stopping to smell the roses puts everything in perspective. You guys have a beautiful boat and it looks gorgous on the water. There is more then enough room for the 4 of you and look at all the fun you are having. Did I mention your wonderful guys look great!!