March 06, 2009

The biggest flying fish I've ever seen

While we were sailing from Cumberland Bay to ST Lucia an amazing thing happened. I was laying on the lower side and mom saw something jump out of the water. She said, 'That's the biggest flying fish I've ever seen.' I asked her if it was a flying fish or just a jumping fish and she said she wasn't sure and then another one jumped out of the water and we realized they were dolphins. We all got up on the high side and watched the dolpins swim alongside the boat. There were big ones, small ones and baby ones. It was really cool. The boat was leaned right over and we were all yelling and smiling. It was one of the best moments of our sailing trip.

Ok, done with the dolphins movin on. We are in St Lucia and we are doing our school work on this table on land and mom says she is going to check out this store and she comes out and we don't see anything and we come back to the boat and mom comes out with this itsy bitsy bikini on!!

Mom and Dad say they will give us five bucks every time they fight. We have 10 bucks so far. We are going to be rich soon.

Amelia and Alex
Tobago Cays


  1.'re going to be the richest kids ever! LOL You'll be able to save enough to come and visit us this summer.

    I'm so glad you got to see dolphins. They are so fun to watch. I loved watching them on our cruise.

  2. I just looked at your pictures. They are awesome! I don't know why you'd ever what to leave. It looks like paradise! Loved the underwater shots. And I loved that Millie was swimming with her pink crocks on.

  3. LOL 10bucks already!!! Too funny

  4. Alex and Amelia you will be rich. I just watched Amelia twice on TV yesterday hope you are getting cheques for that. with the recession up here we may have to borrow money from you. Loved the blog and the dolphin swimming. You two are so lucky.
    Nanny Donna

  5. You guys are too funny!
    Money isn't everything!

  6. Cool deal with the dolphins. Neat to see eh?? Especially the babies - it is like they want to play.
    You guys write a great blog

    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl