September 27, 2008

She's a Vegetarian

We swam today at the pool and on our way home we were waiting for the bus and the strangest thing happened. Across the street was a road side barbeque. They have these all over. They are usually roasting corn on them for sale. This barbeque though looked like they were cooking something different.

All of a sudden out of the jungle next to the barbeque comes this guy dangling a HUGE iguana from his hand. The iguana was still struggling and wriggling cause it still had some life in it. The guy throws it, back down, onto the pavement and puts one foot on his belly.

So there we are 3 Canadians looking on in silence and horror. Two other locals were waiting for the bus with us and I am sure they were amused.

Amelia says, " he going to beat it now?". I say, "No", but I really had no idea. Then she asked why they killed it and one of the people waiting with us says, "..cause they are making soup out of it". Amelia makes her best DISGUSTED face and says, "EWWWWWWW".

I am a little embarrassed at this point and I say, ".....Oh, she's a vegetarian!"


  1. See Millie - another good thing about being a vegetarian
    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl

  2. I think I would be a vegetarian in that situation too :)

  3. What you didnt try the soup!! I thought Alex tried just about anything when it came to food. Thats really disappointing. The protein would do you some good Millie and who knows it may even be tastey.

    Was the guy wearing anything on his feet when he stepped on the eguana.Sure hope his feet were clean hahah. Been to the oil down yet. I am sure you will have lots of new foods to try there. Yummy!


  4. She's a semi vegiterian, i'm a true vegiterian.

  5. Iguana soup, hummmm never know until you try it. I think I would stick to fruits and veggies if I was there.

  6. Every day a new adventure! I'd go for it, try anything once that wont harm you or anyone, is not immoral and does not $$ alot.
    What ever happened with customs?

  7. Hey Wanita! Good to hear from you. We speak of you often. Dad talked to customs and asked the rules and then once he found out, he told them who he was and that he was trading with us and all was good! He has a way with people.