September 22, 2008

Better to beg for forgiveness, than to ask for permission

I learned this lesson early on in our travels. I remember the day as if it was yesterday. Graham and I were taking a ferry to Corfu, Greece. We had obviously bought the cheapest tickets available and the ferry was overnight. There we sat in the crowded boat, rocking and rolling and so uncomfortable. We went off for a walk and came across a hallway with a bunch of suites. As we proceeded down the hallway there tucked out of the way was this glass wall cabinet with all the keys to the rooms in it. Graham told me that the boat didn't have anymore stops to make and that we should just take a key and see if the room is empty and sleep in it. If someone was in it, we could just say...whoops our mistake and leave. I was so scared but we took the key and went to the room. Sure enough it was empty. It was also beautiful. It had a shower and everything! I just couldn't do it though. I was so scared that someone would find us in there, to scared to stay. The funny part was that there was no way Graham was leaving. So I sat in the uncomfortable chair all night and he slept in the cabin and even had a shower in the morning!!! I learned my lesson big time, that night!

So you are probably wondering how this relates to Grenada, wellllll....the kids made new friends with some kids from Rhode Island, who are sailing to Australia. When we asked the kids what they do for fun around the marina, they said ...."We swim at the pool"! The kids and I were in SHOCK because the marina is out in the middle of nowhere and there isn't even a store for that matter. The kids said they go to this resort on the hillside of the marina. I spoke to their mom and she said they just try and not make any trouble and be almost invisible and so far so good. The kids asked if they could all go together and check it out and away they went. Little did I know that they get there by dinghy, driven by the 9 year old!!

Regardless, they all lived and I even let them going swimming again alone the next day. Later in the day, I went to check it out with them and WOW. A little piece of paradise hidden in the mountain side. So far so good. No one has kicked us out. I hope it last for the next two months! Wish us luck.

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  1. It must run in the family Julie because I am not so sure I could have slept in that room either. That over crowd boat sounds nasty.
    I can just imagine how you felt when you found out the kids arrived in a dingy. My heart sank when I read that. Glad to hear you found a slice of it close to where you live.