September 25, 2008

Our Life from my point of view - by Alex

As soon as I saw my boat in complete disarray I did not know what to think. It was a little overwhelming to see the roof ripped off of our boat. Dad said that the boat was about 45% done because they finished the mast step and the sides of the coach roof. We also just found out that the anchor chain is rusted, which will need replacing. Although it is a little overwhelming the boat is ahead of schedule.

Getting adjusted to here is a little hard. One of the main reasons is the heat. The temperature is between 30-35 with humidity, which makes things harder to do. Another reason is the bugs. We've seen 4 roaches and we've caught two. There is lots of mosquito's that bite you in the night. We have made some sailing friends. They are super nice and they're allowed to do stuff my mom doesn't like. It is hard to get adjusted but we're getting the hang of it.

As you all know the main percentage of people here are black, but I'm not, so there has been laughing about the ginger kids. The kids here are either really shy or they are not. The most scary thing happened, I saw this kid hiding a dagger in his hand and he was dancing....weird huh! There has also been a time when a crazy old man was carrying a machete around.

My favorite thing to do here is to go to Grand Anse Beach. I really think it is picture perfect; beautiful white sand beach and the water is the clearest thing I've ever seen. The only thing that is bad about it is the people who sell stuff. We know that people won't steal our bags but to be sure we usually keep one person watching our them.

Just to tell you, we have a spare bedroom!

By: Alex


  1. I was wondering about the bugs. Have you seen any large snakes or huge spiders.

    The beach you talk about sounds wonderful.Even the heat sounds great. We are having a nice summers day here even though it is fall.

    Did grampa Griff save you any yummy stew. I was thinking of you when I read his blogg and thought I bet Alex would love to try some. Hahah!! That was quite the meal.

    Stay away from kids carrying daggers and crazy men with machete.
    Keep writing Alex I love your bloggs.

  2. Nice blog Alex, I like the ginger kid reference. Glad you are having fun and are adjusting to island life!

    Uncle Rob

  3. I love reading your blogs ginger kid. Keep 'em coming!

    Oh and tell your Dad to quit cheapin out and buy some air conditioning.

    You should take some pictures of the crazy bugs there for us to see.

  4. Rebecca, Sam and JulianaSeptember 29, 2008 at 10:31 AM

    Put those bugs in the spare room and close the door!

  5. Are you sure the crazy old man with the machete wasnt your dad?